Erin Carpenter

PhD Student

Ph.D. Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, Boston University (In progress)
M.S. Speech-Language Pathology, Boston University (2020)
B.S. Communication Sciences and Disorders (Minor: Rehabilitation and Human Services), Pennsylvania State University (2018)
B.S. Spanish (Minor: Linguistics), Pennsylvania State University (2018)

Research Interests 

Bilingual and monolingual aphasia rehabilitation

Neural plasticity and language recovery 

Bilingual Language Control (BLC)

Cognitive control 

Neuroimaging (fNIRS, EEG, fMRI)


Research Funding & Training

2021-Current: NSF DGE 1633516 NRT Understanding the Brain: Neurophotonics

2020-2021: NIH/NIDCD T32DC013017 Advanced Research Training In Communication Sciences and Disorders


Current Projects

Predicting Rehabilitation Outcomes in Bilingual Aphasia Using Computational Modeling (PROCoM)

Verbal fluency as a measure of lexical access and cognitive control in bilinguals with aphasia

The Neuroscience of Everyday World


Peer-Reviewed Publications 

  1. Carpenter, E., Penaloza, C., Rao, L., & Kiran, S. (2021). Clustering and switching in verbal fluency across varying degrees of cognitive control demands: Evidence from healthy bilinguals and bilinguals with aphasia. Neurobiology of Language. doi: 10.1162/nol_a_00053
  2. Peñaloza, C., Scimeca, M., Gaona, A., Carpenter, E., Mukadam N., Gray, T., Shamapant, S. and Kiran, S. (2021). Telerehabilitation for Word Retrieval Deficits in Bilinguals With Aphasia: Effectiveness and Reliability as Compared to In-person Language Therapy. Frontiers In Neurology. 12:589330. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2021.589330
  3. Peñaloza, C., Dekhtyar, M., Scimeca, M., Carpenter, E., Mukadam, N., Kiran, S. (2020). Predicting treatment outcomes for bilinguals with aphasia using computational modeling: Study protocol for the PROCoM randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open, 10(11). doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-040495
  4. Carpenter, E., Rao, L., Peñaloza, C., & Kiran, S. (2020). Verbal fluency as a measure of lexical access and cognitive control in bilingual persons with aphasia. Aphasiology, 34(11), 1341-1362. doi:1080/02687038.2020.1759774
  5. Sandberg, C. W., Carpenter, E., Kerschen, K., Paolieri, D., & Jackson, C. N. (2019). The benefits of abstract word training on productive vocabulary knowledge among second language learners. Applied Psycholinguistics, 40(6), 1331-1332. doi: 10.1017/S0142716419000262




  1. Carpenter, E., Peñaloza, C., Rao, L., & Kiran, S. (2021, October). Clustering and switching in verbal fluency across different language contexts: Evidence from bilingual aphasia.Accepted for pre-recorded oral presentation at the 13th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language. (Held virtually).
  2. Braun, E. J., Gao, Y., Carpenter, E., Marte, M. J., Scimeca, M., Abdollahi, F., Yücel, M. A., Boas, D. B., & Kiran, S. (2021, October). Use of fNIRS to investigate cortical activation for conversational responses and narrative discourse. Poster presentation at the Society for functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy fNIRS 2021 Conference. (Held virtually).
  3. Scimeca, M., Peñaloza, C., Gaona, A., Carpenter, E., Mukadam, N., Gray, T., Shamapant, S. & Kiran, S. (2020, November). A telerehabilitation protocol for word retrieval impairment in bilingual aphasia: Implementation and insights. Accepted for oral presentation at the Annual Convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. San Diego, CA, USA (Convention canceled).
  4. Peñaloza, C., Scimeca, M., Gaona, A., Carpenter, E., Mukadam, N., Gray, T., Shamapant, S. & Kiran, S. (2020, October). Feasibility and reliability of teletherapy for word-retrieval deficits in bilingual aphasia. Accepted for poster presentation at World Congress for Neurorehabilitation. Paris, France. (Held virtually).
  5. Carpenter, E., Sandberg, C., Kerschen, K., & Jackson, C. (2017, October)The Benefits of Abstract Word Training on Productive Vocabulary Knowledge Among Second Language Learners. 2017 Second Language Research Forum. Ohio State University, OH, USA. (Oral presentation).

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