The BWHS has guidelines in place that enable scientific investigators to apply for use of BWHS resources. These guidelines allow access to de-identified study data for legitimate scientific research while protecting the confidentiality of the data.  Data will be made available to outside investigators in compliance with NIH policies on sharing research data and in compliance with the informed consents of study participants.  Investigators who wish to use BWHS data or samples should submit a concept proposal (two-page summary of study aims, scientific rationale, scientific approach, data needed, and rationale for using BWHS data rather than data from another source). Information on data needed should include exposures, covariates, disease, and outcomes. If the project is judged feasible, of scientific merit, and is not currently under consideration by a BWHS investigator (e.g., listed as a specific aim in a grant) or has not already been assigned to another outside investigator, the outside investigator will be invited to submit a more detailed proposal for consideration by the BWHS Data Sharing Committee. Use of the data will be limited to the research described in the proposal. A fee will be charged for preparation of the data file. Outside investigators will obtain IRB approval from their own institution as needed, will secure the data, and will destroy or return the data after completion of the project. Concept proposals should be emailed to .