2024 BWHS Questionnaire

Click on this link to access the web version of the 2024 BWHS Questionnaire.

Your reference number and date of birth are required to open the questionnaire.

Your reference number is the 8 digit number starting with at least two zeros that is found on the bottom of each page of your questionnaire or at the bottom of the return address card on any of your BWHS newsletters. (The reference number does not include the “P” and any numbers after it that are found on the questionnaire, or the “R” if there is one on the newsletter.)

If you would prefer to complete the paper version of the questionnaire, please contact the BWHS at 1-800-786-0814 or bwhs@bu.edu to request a mailing. If you would prefer a telephone interview, let us know by calling us or sending an email.