Occupational Injury or Illness

The BU Occupational Health Center and Human Resources oversee the workers’ compensation program to provide you with assistance for any illness or injury that is arising out of work. From the onset of your illness or injury through to your return to work, our goal is to provide you with necessary medical guidance, clear communication and direction, and support as you recover.

This section of the BU Occupational Health Center website provides information for employees who are injured on the job as well as their supervisors and managers.

About Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a state mandated insurance program that governs how employees are compensated for covered occupational injuries and illnesses.  Workers’ compensation provides medical, disability and possible wage replacement benefits for employees who have had a work related injury or illness.   For additional information on Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation: www.mass.gov/dia

The University is self-insured for workers’ compensation in Massachusetts. Our workers’ compensation insurance program is administered by a third party vendor, Cannon Cochran Management Services Inc. (CCMSI).  CCMSI partners with BU Occupational Health and Human Resources in managing all workers’ compensation claims, including evaluating compensability of each claim and working directly with the injured employee on coordination of benefits.

Return to Work Program After an Illness or Injury

Boston University supports a return to work program which ensures employees’ safe transition back to work following an occupational injury or illness.

It is the University’s goal to return an employee to work as soon as they are safely able to perform their job. In order to be cleared to return to work you must be seen in the Boston University Occupational Health Center which can be reached by phone at 617-353-6630 or by email at buohc@bu.edu.

The Occupational Health staff in consultation with your treating provider will evaluate your ability to return to work safely.