COVID-19 Self Testing Instructions

Completing a COVID-19 self-test is easy.  PCR testing at BU is available for faculty and staff who are experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms or who have been exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case. Testing kits are available at the Occupational Health Center, 930 Commonwealth Ave., where employees can pick up self-testing kits and drop off completed samples on the same day.  No appointment is necessary to pick up a COVID-19 Testing Kit, however before dropping off your test, you must must register your testing kit through the Occupational Health Connect Portal.

Please follow the steps below to ensure an accurate and safe testing experience.  Your test must be completed the same day you drop it off.

How to Administer Your Self Test

After you have picked-up a COVID-19 Testing Kit from the lobby of Occupational Health Center at 930 Commonwealth Ave during business hours, identify a location to complete the test. This location should be at home, in a private office, or in a single-use restroom. Please refrain from completing the test outdoors or in a public space or shared office. Tests should be completed on a flat surface that can be wiped down if necessary.

1. Wash or sanitize your hands before completing the test.

2. Open the kit and remove the swab and tube.

3. Unscrew the cap of the tube and place the flat bottom vertically on the counter with the opening facing up. Place the tube on a flat surface or in a small container with a flat bottom and be careful not to spill any liquid.

4. Unwrap the swab by peeling off the paper. Do not touch the foam tip of the swab.

5. Insert the swab into your nostril. The foam tip should be completely inside your nostril. You should not feel any pain or discomfort.

6. Rotate the swab 3–5 times around the interior sides of your nostril. Repeat with your other nostril.

7. Invert the swab so the foam tip goes into the tube and is submerged in the liquid. Be careful not to touch the opening of the tube.

8. Gently bend the handle of the swab until it snaps off. Please do this slowly so the swab does not “jump” out of the tube.

9. Screw on the tube cap. Ensure the cap is on securely and no liquid can drip from the tube.

10. Place the tube upright into the plastic bag and seal the bag.

If the tube or swab is dropped, please discard the materials in a regular trash bin. Use soap and water or any available disinfectant to clean the surface with a paper towel. Discard paper towels in a regular trash bin.

After you complete your self-test, you must register your COVID-19 Testing Kit through the Occupational Health Connect Portal before dropping it off.