Class of: 2008

Ira Kantor

Ira Kantor (COM’08) of Cambridge, Mass., has released an oral biography of renowned musician and humanitarian Harry Chapin, titled “Hello, Honey, It’s Me”: The Story of Harry Chapin (2020). “This work is the culmination of a 10-year effort,” Ira writes. “I first began work on this in 2010 as an editorial assistant at the Boston Herald. I have handled all elements of this book, from interviews to assembly to editing to production/ distribution. The book first gained exposure as a 10-chapter series on Harry that went live on the website (where I am a columnist) in July 2019. This book takes that collective series and updates it with additional sources, as well as essential commentary on specific events in Harry’s life from those who knew him best to help create more of a chronological biography feel. Sources include US Senator Patrick Leahy and legendary musicians Jackson Browne and Gordon Lightfoot.”

From the Fall 2021 issue.