Making Research Work

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  • Alexander Graham Bell

    Part I Who Picks Up the Tab for Science?

    For half a century, research funding flowed from the federal government with increasing velocity, but times have changed. These days, scientists at BU and universities across the country are worried not just about their research, but about the future of science in America.

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  • Part II Truths and Half-truths

    Part two of a four-part series: What happens when a newspaper accidentally misinterprets your data? BU ecologist Wally Fulweiler turns it into case study on communicating science to the public.

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  • Darrel Kotton, Andrew Wilson, and Finn Hawkins in the Center for Regenerative Medicine's Kotton-Wilson-Ikonomou lab

    Part III Cracking the NIH Code

    Part three of a four-part series: Funding is down, labs are closing, good research is being shelved. But not everywhere. Darrell Kotton and his colleagues have built a system that works, even in hard times.

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  • Part IV Too Many Postdocs, Too Little Funding

    You’ve committed yourself to science and spent years training to be an academic researcher. But there are too many biomedical research postdocs and not enough permanent faculty jobs. Now what? The School of Medicine has launched an NIH-funded program to figure it out.

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