Author: Amanda Wakefield

Postdoctoral Position in Computational Biophysics

We are looking for postdoctoral associates with experience in computational biophysics or structural bioinformatics. Candidates should have a strong background in theoretical physics, applied mathematics, or computer science, demonstrated by outstanding publication record. Our research focuses on molecular recognition, including protein-protein interactions and computer aided drug design. The primary goal of the lab is algorithm […]

Graduate Students

If you are interested in doing graduate work within our center, please apply to the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University or the Department of Chemistry at Boston University. You can contact BMERC beforehand to obtain more information.

Collaborative paper with visiting scientist from Brazil is published

Dr. Marcelo Castilho, a Professor at the Universidade Federal da Bahia, spent two months working with the Vajda lab during the summer of 2018. The first paper resulting from this collaboration, TQ Froes et al. Structure-based druggability assessment of anti-virulence targets from Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, was published on April 17, 2019, in the journal Current Protein […]

BMERC accepts RISE students

The BMERC has accepted multiple high school students through the BU RISE program. These students work 40 hours a week for six weeks in one or more of our affiliated labs. This experience provides each of the students unparalleled access to both experimental and computational facilities.

Joint Grant Application Submitted for New Mass Spectrometer!

Abstract: One of the main area of our research, supported by the MIRA grant R35 GM118078, entitled Analysis and Prediction of Molecular Interactions, is investigating the interactions between proteins and small molecules, including drugs and metabolites. Bioactive small molecules, such as the products of cellular metabolism, natural products and synthetic organic compounds, are potent mediators […]

BMERC Seminar: OpenEye Scientific Software

Speaker: Paul C. D. Hawkins, Ph.D. Head of Scientific Solutions OpenEye Scientific Title: When thinking is just not enough: Computation for drug discovery at 10^0 to 10^10. Abstract: This talk will highlight two applications of computation in modern drug discovery: similarity searching at scales up to and beyond 10^10 and ligand design using a rigorous […]

BMERC Open House draws in undergraduate crowd

The recently held BMERC open house featured posters from labs across the Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering departments. The event successfully allowed graduate students and faculty members to engage undergraduate students in conversations about the many research projects going on at BMERC. Many undergraduate students were surprised at the wide variety of labs and their projects […]