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Spring 2019 BME Townhall

Hi Everyone, We will be having our Winter Town Hall this Tuesday 2/5 from 12-1pm in ERB 203. This semester, we are starting an initiative to revamp BE 801 (the TA class) and will spend some time soliciting feedback from you all on how you think the course could be improved in addition to our […]

[Dept Seminar] 1/17/19

Come join us for the first department seminar of the new year! Mary Teruel kicks off the faculty search series this Spring. To see the upcoming speakers and dates, please visit the department seminar page or connect to the Department Seminar Google Calendar.  All Ph.D. students will be required to attend 3 out of 10 seminars. There will be […]

Individual Development Plan Workshop 6/12/18

Individual Development Plan Workshop Tuesday, June 12 from 12:00-1:30pm ERB 203 lunch provided, RSVP   Work hard play hard: make and achieve goals so you can enjoy your summer!    An Individual Development Plan (IDP) helps you set goals and develop an action plan for achieving them. Sarah Hokanson from the Profession Development of Postdoctoral Affairs will help you create an IDP with SMART goals. […]