New Campus Life: Graduates

Welcome Graduate and Professional Students!

We look forward to your arrival on BU’s campuses, where things will be very different from what we have been accustomed to. The COVID-19 pandemic comes with many new challenges, and with those challenges come new responsibilities. This campus life website for graduate and professional students introduces you to many new requirements, protocols, and advisories, which we have put in place to help us limit the virus’ transmission.

The website should also serve to remind you that much of what you read here may change in the coming weeks, as both the pandemic and our knowledge of the virus evolve. We are working tirelessly to create an environment for a safe and rewarding educational experience for you, and we will continue to provide our BU community with the most up-to-date information. Please browse this website to learn more about what campus life will be like in the fall of 2020.

During this time, new and returning graduate and professional students will work and study on campuses where many of their daily actions will be guided by new protocols. Directional signage will show pedestrians which way to walk, and elevators will have reduced capacity. If your destination is on the first four floors of a building, we ask you to use stairways, if you are able, and there will be signage to let you know if a stairway is intended for upward or downward traffic.

This website describes dozens of the new procedures, daily operations, and policies that everyone in our community should become familiar with before they arrive on (or return to) campus. Our health and safety during this extraordinary time depends on that familiarity and on our individual and collective efforts to adhere to the new rules of life.

I hope that we agree to a level of mutual accountability as a way to interrupt the spread of the virus, protect our community, and maintain a healthy environment for us all. We will only be successful if we all work to make it happen.

As the fall semester approaches, we eagerly await your arrival. We are working hard to make your experience at Boston University as rewarding as ever.


Daniel Kleinman, PhD
Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs