Campus Life: Graduates

Welcome Graduate and Professional Students!

If you were on campus during the 2020/21 academic year, you know that the COVID-19 pandemic has meant many new public health requirements, protocols, and advisories, and that our community’s adherence to these has allowed the University to maintain a very low rate of positive coronavirus tests. We are grateful for that, and to help us maintain our encouraging numbers, we ask you to review the current protocols and guidelines in this Graduate and Professional Students Guide to Campus Life on the Back2BU website. In this unprecedented environment, all of us are responsible for keeping our entire community safe.

During the past year, as we learned more about the virus and some of the situations on and near our campuses, we updated some protocols. More changes will likely follow in the months ahead, and, while all changes are routinely announced, they are also available for review on this website. The vast majority of our protocols, including the University’s hybrid teaching format, Learn from Anywhere, will continue through the summer of 2021. Directional signage still shows pedestrians which way to walk, and elevators still have reduced capacity. If your destination is on the first four floors of a building, we ask you to use stairways, if you are able, and there will be signage to let you know if a stairway is intended for upward or downward traffic.

President Robert A. Brown has written to students envisioning our life and learning on campus in September 2021. The expected efficacy of the vaccines and comprehensive immunization will make possible the full return to learning in our classrooms, studios, and laboratories without the social distancing protocols that have been in use since last September. We do not plan to continue to offer our classes remotely, except in some very specific graduate programs; these will be announced in the coming weeks.

But there are still many uncertainties, and for now we must continue to observe our health and safety protocols. Updates will be announced as our planning continues, and policy guidelines will be published on this website.

I hope that we agree that mutual accountability is essential to interrupt the spread of the virus, protect our community, and maintain a healthy environment for us all. We will only be successful if we all work to make it happen.

We are working hard to make your experience at Boston University as rewarding as ever.

Daniel Kleinman, PhD
Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs