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There are 130 comments on What’s Behind the Adderall Shortage and What Does It Mean for Those Being Treated for ADHD?

  1. I live in northwest Arkansas and i am being affected by the shortage. I cannot get my Dr.’s office to communicate with me about getting me on a different med. The pharmacy said there isn’t any adderall within 50 miles of my location. I feel lethargic, I cannot focus as well, my memory, (I’m a waitress at night) is affected, I made several rookie mistakes last Friday night, I’m waking up throughout the night. It may be like wearing glasses, which i do, but I’m just gonna say this….. when i take my glasses off, i see fuzzy colored shapes. You wouldn’t want me to drive without them, someone could get hurt. Same with the medicine. I may be “ok” without them, I may also be able to function normally with them. Ugh. Sorry for everyone going through this right now.

    1. I had a dr tell me once I wasn’t experiencing withdrawals from wellbutrin XL. Meanwhile while I was in physical agony- piercing headache, nerves feeling fire, intense anxiety, sleeping for days without stirring, emotional dysregulation. I feel SO MUCH for those going through not being able to get their meds rn, especially if they have asshat drs telling them they aren’t experiencing what they are.

    2. The shortage of Adderall is medically and socially beyond unacceptable.
      I am astonished that the government has not remedied this situation.
      In addition, withdrawals from any stimulant is apparent to anyone with a brain. Can you even imagine what kind of damage it’s doing to children’s growing little brains.
      Our medical and educational system put so many children on this prescription medication not just because of ADD or ADHD but for many other reasons, some suitable some not.
      With that said, it is not just for those medical diagnosis.
      I have been on Adderall for 20 years and have tried all the other medication‘s of similarity. Adderall, only from Teva pharmaceuticals, is the only drug for me that has allowed my multiple sclerosis fatigue,mind fog, and pain lighten enough for me to have some kind of quality not quantity of life socially and taking care of some responsibilities.
      As a result My Quality of life has come to a dead stop!
      If Boston is getting the pharmaceutical drug then there should be no shortage in the United States. There has to be some one who can manage to figure out a way to spread it out to all states.
      Consequently, I have 20 years a first hand experience under a doctors care of side effects, how these drugs work, how they make you feel, withdrawal effects and the end results without the prescription drug.
      This is a true crime and injustice to any patients who require this medication for any diagnosis.
      As far as most of the medical Doctors that prescribe Adderall, they have tunnel vision due to the fact they see the same thing day in and day out and have major tunnel vision. This is why we need more health care advocates for patients individuality.
      Thank goodness I don’t have small children on adderall.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for such a truthful and well written message.
        I am a 68 yo single female who has been on adderall for about 30 years. To come to an abrupt stop of this medication after that many years and without any tapering off has caused real problems for me. Because of my age I am experiencing age related physical problems which mean more Dr visits. My cardiologist ran a series of tests and one of the results suggested that I most likely have narcolepsy. I’m suffering severe insomnia which causes daily “brain fog” and emotional difficulties. So you can imagine the added stress of being cut off from my medicine. My doctor did write me a different prescription for Vyvance but even with some supplemental generic insurance financial assistance (due to my Medicare insurance not covering any part of the payment) my portion of the cost would be $400.00. With the cost of living rising each new day, I can’t afford that sudden added expense. I am so frustrated that we are still dealing with the aftermath of Covid from over 2 years ago. Someone needs to be called into accountability for having either no management ability to forecast ways to accommodate the problem or maybe just no concern for those affected.
        Not that it will make any difference, but I am writing to my political representatives demanding some answers and immediate corrections.

        1. This situation is causing so much pain and mental anguish. I have been waiting for weeks for my refill. The pharmacist called and advised me to ask my physician for a different drug to replace it.
          To be forced to try something else or just do without is so wrong.

        2. I do have Narcolepsy and it’s taken 10 years of trying every drug/combinations of drugs, to get me to having just a few hours a day of being somewhere close to normal.
          I no longer have those precious few hours.
          It feels like a nightmare not knowing when or if I will be able to get my meds.

          I hope your doctor ordered a sleep study and MSLT; those are the only tests (besides a spinal tap- no thanks!) that are used to diagnose it. I also hope you don’t have it, but if you do, find support groups online. Doctors just don’t know that much about it yet.
          Good luck

        3. I had the same thing happen when my doctor tried to get my switched to vyvanse. My insurance refused to cover any portion of it and expected me to pay the $350.00 retail price. Sorry I can’t afford that when the cost of food and living has grown expotenially. I’m trying to switch to Ritalin now. My pharmacy said it hasn’t been affected by the shortage crisis yet.

          1. Hi Kimberly! I was able to find a coupon for vyvanse on there website. With the coupon I pay $30 for a months supply. I’m really hoping the shortage ends soon! Hope this helps

        4. There are so many options besides vyvance that offer affordable generic versions.. why would you make yourself suffer through this at such an old age??

        5. Hi Norma! I was able to find a coupon for vyvanse on their website. I pay $30 a month for it now but I’m sure hoping to go back to adderal soon! Hope this helps

        6. I’m there with you been on 25 years I’m 57 couldn’t get my medication generic but as I found out cvs Walmart all had the name brand and plenty but my doctor never check so I was deathly ill. I still haven’t been able to received my regular dose for insurance is also blocking

          1. I experienced a similar situation last week, after driving to multiple pharmacies (CVS, Giant, Safeway, & Wegmans) I was told, “not available and no idea when or if they will receive any in the near future”. I tried Walmart on a whim. No generic available but plenty name brand. I was asked if I wanted it…I asked the cost.

            For a one month prescription of 60 tabs; 10mg would cost $617.78!

            Have they completely lost their greedy ever non-lovin minds?! I left with no medication.

      2. I too have been on different stimulates over years and the one that works best is Adderall. Now I have gone without it for a week. I took it only as prescribed for many years so now am having withdrawal symptoms and missing work. I’d like to be part of any lawsuit against the manufacturer for their alleged manufacturing issues, causing how many people going through withdrawals!

        1. Desiree, I agree completely! I’ve been wondering if there might be a class action lawsuit in the works….I’d like to be a part of it too!
          This ‘shortage’ is making me cranky…..and Jane ain’t nice when she’s cranky!….. especially when this whole thing could’ve been avoided, or even fixed by now!

          COME ON, TEVA!! The solution is simple….HIRE MORE WORKERS!!!

          1. This has happened to me today. I live in Ct although nonprescription was due to be filled, my pharmaceyvtold me it is on backorder to try back in a week or so. I asked if there were any other pharmacies that my insurance covers had it in stock. Answer was No. I then was told all amphetimine stimulants are scarce due to a Manufacture problem.
            Even if I were to find it at another pharmacy and pay ‘out of my own Pocket’, the insurance will not do an override. It does not matter, there is a shortage, no pharmacy has any. I was not aware of how severe of a problem this is until today. Now, I am starting to to feel incredibly tired, anxious, and unable to feel ‘normal’. I have been taking amphetime dexatrine for many years, never abused it. Now, this happened. Is there any where I can get my prescription, even if my insurance won’t cover a different pharmacy?

          2. I totally agree. This is inhumane. It makes us all look like fools. I’ve been going to the doctors for five years about nine blocked away and today I couldn’t find my way there. I’d become a Radick manic, confused lethargic unresponsive over thinking things to the point where I can’t think at all, I freeze I have pain of confusion I wanna hurt myself I wanna hurt others I want I will add I just I think there should be a lawsuit. This is the most horrible and especially the most horrible time in my life for this to be happening where is our help? Where is our Avenue a kid who is going to step up to the plate?

        2. I am in the same situation, it is not acceptable for any pharmacy to not have a “back-up” substitute available for controlled medications that cannot be stopped abruptly. That is definitely a lawsuit! Be vocal, ask pharmacist to find a different manufacturer. Dont accept the bullying. Its disgraceful & they only get away with it because of the stigma

        3. I am a 57 year old woman. When I called my drs. office to fill them in with this info. about what they already knew I was told to call around to try and find a pharmacy that has it. Like her head was in a hole. Like she didnt know working in a drs. office that things are bad for their patients. I wasn’t even offered another medication. When I finally got through to my drs. Office it was a 50 minute wait until finally I gave up and hung up. I will try to talk to someone in the a.m. about getting put on something else. I am having a lot of withdrawal symptoms including sweating, anxiety, irritability, lack of sleep, pain in my body etc.

          1. I am having serious body sches, irritability, sweating, chillscetc. I have been married for 27 years and have raised 3 children. I was diagnosed as an adult, I was evaluated, because I always felt something was “off”. My husband does not know I have a prescription, I chose not to tell him because of the stigmatism and judging. Now because my body us chemically off balance, it is affecting my marriage, blood pressure and anxiety, sleep etc. There are no answers. Why was”nt I told until it was time for my prescription to be filled?

      3. The comment about the glasses is abhorrent, insensitive, and just plain wrong. It’s not a matter of sheer will power, if it was than many people with adhd would not be suffering. While it’s true that I won’t literally die without this medication, there’s a high chance I’d lose my job, forget to pay important bills, potentially harm myself or someone else while driving on the road. I might not be dead from that, but it would increase my suffering to an extreme degree.This is a physical difference in the makeup of our brains, a measurable difference in levels of certain chemicals. It is not “all in your head”. My body does not make enough of a certain chemical, so through the wonders of modern medicine, I take a medication that directly combats the issue and puts me on a level playing field, not even at an advantage, just like everyone who doesn’t have adhd gets by default. Why is a neurological disability considered less important? No one, I mean no one, should have to ration medication that allows them to live their lives to their greatest potential. I had a prescription put in 8 days ago that is still not filled. I called to check in and they said it will take upwards of two weeks to be in stock. My life cannot simply be put on hold until then. I have to go to work, I have to make money, I have to pay bills. I’m extremely lucky that I was able to call another local pharmacy who was able to tell me it’s in stock and I called my prescriber to ask them to please send it over. However, this pharmacy is much more expensive. I will most likely be paying double what I was at my preferred pharmacy. All of this time, money, and energy spent on something that shouldn’t be an issue to begin with. We are not expendable, we are valued members of society who do great things too. And even if I don’t win the nobel peace prize, I still deserve basic human decency and here in America, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

        1. I completely agree with your evaluation. Can I see without my glasses? Sure! But my astigmatism is so bad I could easily wreck my car at night if driving around too many lights.

          No, we’re not going to die without our stims, but some of us might lose our lives in other ways (ie. people losing their jobs for performance issues, students suddenly struggling in class again, etc). Sure; I won’t die without the stimulants, but it’s VERY possible I’m about to lose the life I’ve built for myself while I struggle with work. I’m a corporate officer and I’m terrified my performance is deteriorating despite my very best efforts.

        2. I completely agree with you! That comment was beyond insensitive and showed the lack of forethought she has towards her patients. Because the DOCTOR doesn’t have the condition, she believes it is completely manageable with neurotypical solutions. Step off your high horse Doc! I need glasses, I can still see without them… but if I hop behind a car without them, good luck to the drivers around me. :/

          1. I have to totally agree with everyone on how bad this is for us patient that have been on Adderall for some time I’m 68 years old and I’ve been on it for some years myself and I can’t function at all I’m a stroke survivor and I have narcolepsy and add and I tell you the lapses in this medication is just making my life a roller coaster and I feel that it’s bad on my heart as well I agree with everyone’s used on this situation and I can’t understand why someone the powers that be if you will don’t look out for us instead of their own pocketbooks all the time and I would gladly be part of a lawsuit I have plenty to say

          1. I’ve been out 2 months & decided to search to find out if it’s just here. I’m totally unsettled that this is happening when they’re out so many people on it. This happened a couple of years ago for a short while but I hadn’t imagined it again.
            I’ve been feeling out of it for a while & now I see it’s many of us. I’m sure I drive my family crazy,I can’t get my stuff together!
            I don’t want to do much if it takes , fortunately I’m retired but I did years ago get replaced in a great position after 2.5 years of employment! At a hospital to! They basically paid me to be quiet & leave.
            I’m 70 more & I am helping raise my grands that takes a lot of energy & concentration! I can’t sleep at night, I am an artist which has helped me survive for years but him stuck right now! I have no creativity, I don’t know how this could happen especially the way pharmacies can treat you on schedule 2 drugs, if you’re on more than 1 it’s bad.
            I’m in for a lawsuit too! Bless you all & fight for your rights.

    3. Focus? Really? I am 67 and will not be able to live without it !wtf is happening to the world in which we exist!
      I did not ask to be born this way! With my problems and issues! I’m also bi polar 2. I taught spec Ed for years with a college degree 3.8
      I need my medicine!

    4. I am very empathetic. I went without my medication for 2 months last year (long story) and nearly lost my job over it. Now I have 5 days left before I run out and there is NOTHING available in my entire state of Washington. I emailed my doc asking for an alternative, but there is no guarantee the alternatives are available now either.

      I anticipate if I cannot get my medication I will have to take a medical leave, otherwise I’ll be fired for being unable to do my job.

      I wish you the best and I hope everyone gets through this ok.

    5. I’ve been without them for3-4 months which has been hard to get through our day. This ridiculous! I’m having trouble concentrating, remembering and stay on task! My doctor prescribes this for me because it’s needed to help me with my every day control of memory which is very important in my life! I’m expecting you to get this medication out to the People like me who needs this every single day in order help us through the day!!!

    6. Very well said!! And your empathy is always appreciated ;) Also, I was in the restaurant business for many years & it is packed with fellow ADHD/ADDers! The main benefit to me is that when your shift is over, your work duties are over!! I had traditional jobs as well & ALWAYS brought home a ton of paperwork, etc…I always felt behind & noticed that my non-ADHD co-workers didn’t bring any work home with them &/or maybe also didn’t have that perfectionism under-wiring that many ADHDers have! All I know is that without meds, it adds an unnecessary stressor to an already difficult life!

    7. Seems the DEA is more concerned about controlling who receives legal prescription medications than they are fighting illegal fentanyl in this country. All this will do is cause people to seek Adderall from street sources which can be very dangerous. My pharmacy said the end of the month. Really? Not cool at all.

  2. I found this article upsetting and dismissive about the very real seriousness of someone needing a medication that was prescribed for them. This feels like an opinion from someone that doesn’t quite “believe” in the diagnosis of ADHD. There are many published studies about the negative long term effects of people with undiagnosed and untreated ADHD. In fact, Perhaps finding a second source of information would lend a degree of accuracy to the effects of an Adderall shortage for many of us.

    As an adult female diagnosed late in life with ADHD, Adderall has been a life changing medication. Like the previous commenter, I don’t wear my prescription glasses at night when I drive because they are a silly, unimportant accessory. I wear my glasses because I need them and cannot see the road without them.

    MS student-Class of ‘23

    1. I suffer from adult ADHD too. At first I found the article saying that the ADHD withdrawal symptoms are psychological, but not physical, a little off- putting.

      But then I realized that my mind was invoking the same negative societal stereotypes/baises about the words “physical” as compared to “psychological”.

      If I treat having an impairment in either of those categories equal, then if when I reread the article, there was really nothing in the article that is dismissive of people who have ADHD.

      If I knew in my own mind that society treated physical impairment and psychological impairment with the same level of respect, which it does not, then I think that I would not have had that initial negative reaction to the article.

      I’m not saying that the way you feel is invalid, as I said I initially felt that way too. But I found for myself it helped me when I thought about how I feel, personally, about my own psychological impairment, as opposed to when I have a physical impairment. Do I feel the same way about those challenges, subconsciously, no I don’t. Subconsciously, those negative stereotypes exist in my mind too.

      1. Same boat!! it’s been down hill for 2 months. On the verge of losing my job; My kids are aware that I’m sleeping 18 hrs/day; husband is just so resentful of my absenteeism that it’s getting dangerous.

        US economy will grind to a screeching halt if they can’t get us our meds. It took me 39 minutes just to type this. Good luck everyone!

        1. “US economy will grind to a screeching halt if they can’t get us our meds”. Leigh, you’re on to something. None of these shortages make “sense” unless you consider that they’re on purpose. Some entities think there’s too many people. They’re going to make life harder and harder for us. It’s only going to get worse. “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”. I really hope I’m wrong. God help us all.

    2. This is unbelievable it needs to be all hands on deck I’m about to lose my job I can’t hardly drive. Doctors telling me it’s isolated I’ll call hundred miles in either direction same story back order. Or I can’t give you that much we owe other patients some. My doctor made me call and find some I called over 38 locations stayed on hold anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes terrible experience and not a proud moment. I hope the FDA the DEA pharmaceutical companies drug makers get their act together or be sued by the federal court.

      1. I think it is a human nature not to get it if you never experiences it. I am a nurse and I am in a same boat. It’s called empathy and not everyone is capable of understanding ..

    3. I agree that this article seemed very dismissive of the true advantages Adderall provides and, even more so, the true negative side effects experienced by a person who’s been on this medication having to stop cold turkey. Besides slipping back into the chaotic world you experienced pre-diagnosis and medication, the side effects can be disabling. It really is not acceptable that no one is providing definitive answers for the shortage nor a timeline for when it will end. No accountability whatsoever.

      1. Since the absence of my adderall I fainted, landed face first on the marble floor, broke my nose, cracked my jaw, crushed eight teeth, etc…will this ever end?

        1. It will only end when you threaten to sue. There are consequences to stopping the medication abruptly that are disabling and as a patient demand accountability . Contact your legislators ,Patient Advocates etc

        2. How awful for you. I have been on Adderall for a few years and I agree there shouldn’t shortage. If there is a shortage on Adderall then why isn”t there shortage on other meds.

    4. Your comments describe exactly how I am feeling. I, too, was diagnosed late in life and it has been life changing to have medication that helps with my daily activities. If I am unable to obtain my prescription I will eventually lose my job-that is a fact. It is so worrying to even thing about this.

  3. Not only can I tell a big difference when I don’t take mine, but so can the people around me daily. Even just in the mornings before I take it, I cannot have a conversation while trying to get ready. I try to concentrate so hard on what it was I was doing & anyone talking to me ends up seeing my frustration. I look for something; trying to listen (but I’m not hearing); tracing my steps; grabbing something else; walking back to the door; remembering what I was looking for & repeat until I realize I did pick it up one of the times already.
    I’m 36 now & like another mentioned, it’s life changing for me too. Like also mentioned, not wearing glasses can still be ok enough for tasks with less seeing requirements. I do data cleaning all day, all numbers that don’t work & need to figure out the solutions. Just like the eyes that require glasses, my work requires A LOT of my brain to fire properly & for at least 10.5 hrs a day.
    This needs to be corrected by insuring the right people who need it are #1 for this treatment. ADD comes in different forms, the highest which cannot perform their daily job tasks without their minds jumping & day dreaming all day long. I know the medicine is more like glasses in a way that it doesn’t cure it. But it’s vital to controlling it. And if it isn’t ready hard enough to try routines & sleeping already. But trying to with without the medicine is 10x harder.

    1. I am absolutely the same. I cannot accomplish anything until my medicine kicks in and it’s not always going to work. I have extended version and if needed a second afternoon 10 mg. Like I’m going to remember to take a second pill on time? I set alarms everywhere. I have to have prior approval from my Doctor once a year and just spent more than an hour working on that (35 minutes on hold) . To get my medication I have to call the doctors office once a month to get them to call in the prescription because no refills. I’m writing a paper for class at the same time and watching a you tube video about my topic and made a sandwich at some point earlier that I didn’t eat and …well you know what I mean.

  4. New Orleans hasn’t been so lucky. Every pharmacy has them on back order. I will say the pharmacies out here have been very informative and are willing to tell you if they have it or not, which is something they usually frown upon. Lots of pharmacies out here are only filling it (if they have it) if they get other meds filled there. Meaning you can no longer walk in and get your rx of adderall filled unless you are are already in their system. My doctor has been more then wonderful. We discussed other options and I’m switching to something else until the shortage ends. It’s really sad because I was doing great on my dosage. We finally got it right and I was thriving. I feel like I’m pushed back further than square one at this point. Hopefully our shortage will end soon.

  5. To Marilyn Augustyn: Stop dismissing the symptoms experienced by those of us with ADD. Making a false comparison between taking a prescribed drug for ADD with that of wearing eyeglasses is poorly conceived, at best. ADD is not literally a “deficit” of attention. It’s a difficulty of regulating attention that is being treated, not a lack of attention. Problems with emotional dysregulation in those of us with ADD is a well-researched aspect of ADD and you can find many peer reviewed studies at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/. When the American Psychiatric Association edits the next edition of the DSM-V, they will have to update their symptomology of “ADHD” to include emotional dysregulation as a hallmark of this disorder. I would also appreciate seeing the entire psychiatric community expand their understanding of ADD to include a greater understanding of the effect it continues to have on adults and to challenge the views of many that ADD is something children “grow out of” and that we, as adults, have “gotten over.”

    1. Spot on! Couldn’t agree more!! I pray this shortage is over soon. I switched to vyvanse last month due to shortage, but it doesn’t work as well for me, so I have felt like I was firing on half a cylinder all of last month. Also it was 247 bucks because there is no generic. So my doctor prescribed 30 mg because my pharmacy said they had that dose, but to my surprise when I went to pick it up the total was $293, because it was name brand and not generic. So along with soaring prices for gas, groceries and just about everything in life, now i have to pay 5 times what we usually pay for the generic form of adderrall. This is beyond unacceptable and someone needs to step in and rectify this problem ASAP!

      1. I couldn’t agree more. I was on Vyvanse for 3 years during college, after switching from Adderall to try it out (parents were still paying my insurance then…) and it made me hallucinate. Not like hearing colors or anything, but when I took it and let my eyes relax and glaze over, I’d sometimes start seeing rainbow bubbles, like gasoline in a puddle, slowly waving over everything. Not the greatest thing to curb distraction when you’re trying to cram for an organic chemistry exam. That was back in 2007-2009. But I’ve been on this miracle drug since 2002…and it is literally the only thing that allows me to function as a productive member of society today. I live in Chicago and was, fortunately, able to get mine filled yesterday, but only after calling 15 different Walgreens locations all around Chicago, and had to take 2hrs out of the middle of my workday to get them because of how far I had to travel. It’s asinine. My heart goes out to all of us who are so afflicted by this issue.

    2. ADD is the way some brains work. PERIOD. You do not grow out of it. Wish you could watch my husband for a couple of days & nights. He’s 72 and suffering. It’s reduced the quality of life for everyone in our house.

  6. I am supposed to be taking this medication but due to the shortage I have not been able to I can’t function my mind is clouded and fuzzy my moods have declined and I can’t sleep at all which is causing me to be deprived of energy that I would normally have from getting proper sleep

    1. I don’t see how the author could use an analogy, such as removing glasses, in comparison to the hell of suddenly discontinuing a medication. It’s as laughable as it is infuriating!

  7. Has anyone else noticed the intelligent community of people with ADHD? A diagnosis at age 59 has opened up new doors and windows and explains so much about the “why” of my childhood. Why did I attend 14 colleges (always making straight A’s) before getting my BS degree? Why couldn’t I focus on more than one class at a time? Why haven’t I started working on my thesis? Uh oh … I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that …And what I don’t need are apps that help me mediate or burn down a forest if I don’t stay on task. What I do need is my medication and for medical doctors to read current studies about untreated ADHD.

  8. The ignorance of a professional really displays in this article. I have been taking adderall for over 10 years and this shortage has me in a panic. I have faced times where communication between parties lacked, so I would have to go a few days without, but it was nothing like this!

    Day 1 without the medication or even a lower dosage, causes so many physical problems. Anything that alters your brain, causes severe dependency and withdrawal side effects. It makes me angry to hear anyone say different. It’s one of the worst things to go through..and you have zero control of the physical symptoms.

    I am so sorry for everyone going through this right now! Nobody deserves to feel this way. You’re not alone.

    1. I don’t get the sense that Professor Augustyn is being dismissive at all. I take d-amphetamine for ADHD, and it has been life-changing. I don’t function well without it. When I have gone without, it might feel like I am withdrawing, but actually, I am reverting back to what I experienced before I was prescribed the medication. There is no physical dependency on Adderall like there is with opiates, but there is a huge difference for those of us with the altered dopaminergic pathway associated with ADHD.

  9. I’m having to go without my prescription because none of the pharmacies can get it in south and middle alabama. I’ve even called pharmacies in north Florida but they are also out and have no idea when they will get more. Someone needs to fix this ASAP. I go to my doctor, I get my prescription, but I can’t get it filled. This is NOT right.

    1. I have been doing well on Adderall for the last 8 years. I suffer from severe fatigue and attention deficit without it due to systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). My prescription is due to be refilled tomorrow and due to this nationwide shortage, mine will not be filled. Haven’t the American people suffered enough from all the many shortages related to COVID 19?? Our health is STILL is being jeopardized and WE NEED and DESERVE our medications. We follow all the rules set out by the government to access Adderall. When will the government keep its end of the bargain?

      1. I live in La and not only do I have to deal with the problems of staying focused on my task at work just getting started kinda puts me in a panic, but I also have been dealing with the people at the pharmacy being ugly and disrespectful treating me as a drug seeker, they can have my ADD…I am going on 2 weeks now and trying my hardest to get through each day as I know each of you are.. prayers this gets fixed quickly

  10. I keep hoping that the intense suffering so many of us are experiencing will, at the very least, shed light on the reality of ADHD and the irresponsibility – and cruelty – of prescribers like Marilyn Augustin and our drug manufacturers. I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 9 and am now 47. I’m also a psychologist. Marilyn’s a dinosaur. She belongs to an era when doctors actually believed in mind-body dualism – or, that biology and psychology can be separated from one another – and that their job was to lecture their patients into feeling ashamed and inadequate rather than listen to and learn from them.

    Sadly, it’s dinosaurs like Marilyn Augustin who paved the way for our drug manufacturers to slap whatever they feel like into their generic ADD meds or only produce the meds that will make them the most money – anyone notice that the only version of Adderall/amphetamine we can’t get is also the cheapest one?

    I can’t function right now, and I feel awful most of the time. (Teva;s IR version of Adderall is the only one I can tolerate without severe side effects).

    Thanks to journalists like the author of that Times article Marilyn made fun of, this is the first time I’ve been able to talk openly to people like my boss, colleagues, family, and friends about what I’m going through. I’ve also felt emboldened to report the negative side effects I’m experiencing on generics from companies like Camber and Mallinckrodt to the FDA via their Medwatch website.

    To those of you felt hurt and angry when you read this article – like I did – I hope you know that you’re not alone and there are way more of us than there are her.

    1. Your right, I can only take the Teva brand. I have been on generic adderall for 20yrs and in the last 3 years I’ve noticed the pharmacies trying to push the dextroamphetemine which is crappy and non effective but cost just as much. I’m just so disgusted and annoyed with the dismissal of the problem and the excusses being used, like It’s because of covid! I have experienced this ” We don’t have enough to fill your prescription”game running from pharmacy to pharmacy because they wouldn’t tell you over the phone if they had enough for years before covid! I was told today it was up to the DEA when they would have enough to fill my prescription. So they control how much each pharmacy is aloud each month or what? I was blown away and thinking why are they so concerned over our medication that is prescibed by a doctor that makes us do drug screens then they get our mug shot and credentials every time I get them filled????? I feel like if they were concerned about the drug problem they would be helping the border agents with all the illegal drugs that are coming accross the border into the US that are killing thousands daily! I don’t see much regulations going on there do you? Very sad they are making it so complicated for everyone that is suffering from the many symptoms of many medical and psychological disorders associated with ADD! So fed up!

  11. As a BU student with ADHD, I think I learned about a concept in one of my classes that would be interesting to apply here. Emotional labor is the concept that workers that deal with others’ emotions (customer service, domestic labor, etc.) often have to suppress their own emotions to do their job properly. Although most people wouldn’t consider being a full time student to be a customer service job, many students with ADHD rely on masking our symptoms for social and academic survival. Basically, the adderall shortage across the country has likely made it very difficult for students with ADHD to function in many aspects of their life. As the article states, medication is a vital part of ADHD treatment, and without it (in my experience) it is difficult to carry out the parts of treatment based on behavior modification, and it makes academic accommodations like the ones described here less effective. So without medication, ADHD patients are kind of on our own. Especially because ADHD has a lot of possible comorbidities that cause additional emotional dysregulation (anxiety, depression, ASD, sensory processing disorders, etc.), a lack of medication has more sinister implications involving a lack of treatment for those comorbidities. All of this relates to the concept of emotional labor because in order to keep turning in assignments on time and generally doing well in school (when we have accommodations that are rendered ineffective by a lack of medication), we have to power through our symptoms and continue working. This can cause a bit of a vicious cycle: without medication, it is more difficult to be productive. With lowered productivity, doing work is more time consuming. If we are dedicating more time to finishing schoolwork than normal, we are likely sacrificing sleep (regarding a disorder where many patients also suffer with insomnia). If we sacrifice sleep, it becomes increasingly difficult to regulate the emotions that come up with the many emotional comorbidities of ADHD. The bottom line here is that without medications like adderall, many people’s treatment plans fall apart, which immediately results in the formation of unhealthy patterns in students with ADHD. Also, on the general level, many patients with ADHD are gaslit out of treatment for one reason or another (usually from family members or medical professionals who think we’re exaggerating our symptoms for attention or just playing dumb) and it’s extremely important to emotionally support those with ADHD if they are having trouble due to the medication shortage

  12. I’ve been taking Adderall for almost three decades, from when it was first used as a longer acting replacement than Ritalin. That is childhood to adulthood. Graduated four year college nearly 20-years ago and have had a big boy job (gainfully employed) ever since. I’ve done every behavioral modification to improve my performance and the medication aides dramatically with my active listening skills, which is a core part of my job. I’m not a landscaper, I’m not a barista, I’m not too tired to go to work, I’m not unmotivated—I have thoughtfully managed my symptoms throughout the late ‘90s heretofore using a key medication as part of my regime, and done so responsibly. The shortage is absurd. I don’t know what the deal is—whether gov is, “holding back” or lack of active ingredient, or tons more people being diagnosed, and I really don’t care to be honest. The fact that it’s holding me back in my life really pisses me off to no end. I’m not saying poor me, but I’m saying it is 100 percent absolute garbage that this medication isn’t being produced in the required quantity that is needed.

  13. Is there any way we can all sign a petition to have the government regulate ADHD meds better? Or if there is one going already? I haven’t been able to find anything on this.
    This is not the first shortage. Not making enough isn’t going to stop people who don’t need it but the ones that do!

    1. Every pharmacy in coastal area of SC have all back ordered. The side affects of being out are physical and mental. Not sleeping , mind racing while trying to work will cause me to lose my job. It will not be because of being dismissed by company, it will be because I will walk out. I am not able to handle any demands while not being on the meds. People who do not experience this have absolutely no idea that this is a real illness but can be controlled with medication.

  14. This article got dated pretty quickly. It’s December 17, I live in the Boston area. We can no longer get Methylphenidate for our sons. It’s simply not available. We’ll use what we have until it’s gone, but when it is, their impulsive behavior will increase, their attention will wane, their ability to concentrate in a 22-person classroom will decline and their grades will drop. We can look forward to increased disciplinary calls from school, depression, anxiety, social problems, etc. It’s going to be a rough road for our boys until this is resolved, unfortunately both are in critical grades in their respective schools, so this is likely to have long term consequences.

  15. I’m a registered nurse and I too have been affected by the shortage. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago and age 34 now. The lack of empathy and understanding in this article is astonishing. Have you ever tried looking for your glasses without your glasses? Do you want your nurse or your doctor or anyone driving practically blind? What happens when someone with high blood pressure suddenly stops their hypertension medication? Oh, that’s right, their BP goes thru the roof and could have a stroke or a patient suddenly being off antidepressants: the patient is suicidal. This medication has changed my life for the better and also helps control my generalized anxiety disorder. If I worked at taco bell and forget to put an item in the bag, no physical harm will be done, but if I forget about my patient, fail to put oxygen on them or administer a medication, it affects myself and others. I’m sorry for others going thru this. Funny how since the pandemic, suddenly 15% or more of the country has adhd. They need to do some serious re evaluating on who they prescribe this to. Some of us need this to function. If you are not in the workforce or in school/ contributing to society, you don’t need it….

    1. I agree with you that the article is insensitive and dismissive of the real-life costs of the current medication shortage. Most of us with ADHD – and other conditions that require stimulant medication – are familiar with the stigma attached to our condition(s) and to our need for medication.

      The shortage that’s occurring now, and that’s not new, is a direct consequence of what happens when these stigma intersect with other forms of stigma – stigma against people who are poor and can’t afford newer and longer-acting stimulant medications and people who suffer from addiction. (Addicts, incidentally, are almost universally survivors of complex, systemic trauma, and there’s emerging research demonstrating that Adderall and other stimulant medications may represent an effective form of treatment for PTSD symptoms).

      When the cheapest stimulant medication on the market – short-acting generic Adderall – is also described repeatedly as the stimulant medication most prone to abuse, and when pharmaceutical companies repeatedly attribute their decision to manufacture other, more expensive medications than Adderall IR to “undeserving” and illegitimate “drug-seekers,” it makes sense that our first impulse is to blame the “junkies who are stealing our meds” or perhaps just the people who don’t “really need them” like we do instead of holding the companies – and the medical professionals who don’t challenge them – accountable.

      I hope we can resist that impulse, though, even though our brains don’t currently have the medications we need to do that easily!

      I would hate for those of us who know intimately the pain and harm caused by stigma to miss it when we hear it and, therefore, all victim to doing the same things we ask others not to do to us.

      Folks working at Taco Bell, who aren’t in school, who don’t receive a paycheck or direct deposit in exchange are no less deserving of medication therapy than nurses – or me. Not only do I have no idea what responsibilities someone shoulders outside of school or a paid job, but if I truly believe that ADHD profoundly affects people’s functioning and wellbeing, I shouldn’t care. I want a life that allows me to be purposeful, effective, and connected to a support system. Why does not anyone else not deserve that, too?

      Regarding the rise in ADHD diagnoses over the past 3 years, we really don’t enough to make conclusions about what it means. Certainly there are folks who sought out ADHD medication to manage feelings that were intolerable to them at the time. That tells me nothing, though, about whether they have ADHD or what treatment they need to feel better.

      What I do know, based on 20+ years of experience in the mental health field is this:

      Telehealth made psychiatry services accessible to people who have never been able to afford to see a psychiatrist before, let alone receive the psychometric testing and clinical evaluation I was afforded in elementary school. I have spent years trying to help people obtain the medications they need, and the lack of resources available to them has been shameful and a source of despair – for them, primarily, but also for me as I’ve witnessed the impact.

      Since the spring of 2020, thanks to the rise of public awareness and telemedicine both, I have talked to so many friends, family members, clients, and employees where I work – particularly women and people of color – about what it’s like to recognize for the first time that they’re not actually lazy, stupid, or crazy, that their struggles are shared by others, and that they have a chance now to feel better about themselves and do things they never thought they could. Do all of them have ADHD that’s as severe as mine or yours? Who knows? But also, who cares?

      If Teva’s commitment to paying its chief officers and shareholders outlandish amounts of money is so high that it deprives *any* of us of the chance to live good lives, then we have a moral and ethical obligation to intervene. I hope that, instead of tearing one another down, we get together to demand that Teva do its job and, if not, that our legislators and regulatory agencies do their jobs and protect public health.

    2. I beg to differ, im not in school and have been out of work for almost a year due to epilepsy, so according to you I don’t need my adderall, is that correct?? I have been ADHD for almost 40 years now but that doesn’t matter because I’m out of work right???? I would have expected more common sense from a nurse!! How am I suppose to maintain my life and take care of my child!!

  16. Lmao, withdrawal doesn’t exist? It’s just like taking off glasses?

    I’m literally reading this article at 5:00 in the morning because I’m in Adderall withdrawal and haven’t slept for a single second, and I wanted to know why the shortage is happening. My employment is now in danger because I’m not able to perform as well due to all the symptoms.

    Also, I wear glasses, and I’m equally unable to function without them. Dumbest analogy I’ve ever heard; maybe she should actually research the concept of impaired vision as well as ADHD, because she obviously knows nothing about either.

    1. Hi there,

      I could not agree more; especially when you are working in the healthcare field; This is truly a struggle for those of us who have ADD.

  17. I have taken adderall for decades. By the 12th day of December my local pharmacy had already dispensed all of the adderall they were legally allowed to dispense for the entire month. My prescription will have to wait until next mont to be filled. This has become the pattern. Only getting my prescription filled every other month. According to the pharmacist this shortage is entirely caused by production and distribution limits. Yet the only news stories are about a labor shortage in one of the eight manufactures of generic adderall that was resolved months ago.

  18. I first dealt with the shortage last spring when I was unable to get my scripts filled. It’s now December and once again, I am unable to get my script filled. One would think these companies would have the labour shortage figured out by now….

  19. I am also being affected by this insane adderall shortage. I am 40 years old and have been taking 30mg of Adderall 3 times a day for about 10 years. I have an extreme case of ADHD along with anxiety and depression. Adderall is literally my lifeline. Without it, I cannot have a normal conversation, I am literally all over the place…I start one thing and then move on to the next, then the next and I completely forgot what I was doing to being with (so that thing never gets done). I CANNOT do my job without my medication. I am so afraid I am going to get fired because my quality and quantity of work is declining. Ive even contemplated quitting. The withdrawal symptoms are TERRIBLE. I am so lethargic, I can’t and dont want to get out of bed (even though I dont sleep very well anyway) because I know Im just going to be a failure today. I feel that way everyday since I’ve been without my meds. I dont know if the withdrawal symptoms go away or get better or whatever, but this is no way to live. And all it takes is one small tablet to change everything and make my brian fire on all cylinders (and that is exactly wjat adderall does). For someone that actually has ADHD, it replaces that chemical that our brain is already lacking, the chemical that a “non ADHD” brain has, and it helps us function like a “normal/ non-ADHD” person. Someone else said that they get looked at by the pharmacies like they are drug seekers. I feel like they look at me like that too, anytime that I call to make sure its ready to be picked up, I feel like Im being judged when I go pick it up. Especially when I called to speak to someone because I got a message that they were out of stock and I literally started crying on phone asking them what else am I supposed to? They acted like it was no big deal. They said “sorry ma’am we dont know when those will be back in stock”, they are on backorder”. They sounded so rude and condescending. I dont need to be judged for having ADHD and taking the medication that Im prescribed (as I’m prescribed). Anyone out there that is judging…you are welcome to have my ADHD and all the chaos that comes with it. I know there are TONS of people out there that dont even have ADHD and are someone how getting scripts from their doctors every month to have this medication filled for them just so they can use it to get high or stay up all night long, or worse so they can sell it. And that really pisses me off, some of actually need this shit to survive, to feel human. This needs to get fixed and FAST! What are our alternatives? Think about it, all the alternatives will soon be out of stock too because EVERYONE that cant get adderall are going to try to get prescribed an alternative and eventually those will run out too due to high demand. This is insane and I think the government needs to make something happen…like now! I am sorry to all of you who are going through this. I guess its nice knowing Im not alone. Because I damn sure feel alone. No one else around truly understands how Im feeling. But they definitely see the difference in who I am.

    1. One of the real problems is what you said. There are a lot of people getting these scripts just to make money. They sell them for dollar per gram. Another words, if you have a 20 mg tablet, they sell each pill for $20, 30mg for $30 each. What a sad and crooked world we live in.

  20. Idk if anyone here lives in Georgia but I’m about to start my 3rd prescription in a row that I’m not going to be able to get filled. I had a real bad manic episode last week and had to call my therapist bc i didn’t know what else to do and that happened bc lack of my Adderall. I just got diagnosed within the past year or so and reading some of these comments I’m realizing that I’m going through the same thing I also have lupus sle so I already have a fatigue and memory problem.im 36 years old. I try so hard to listen and retain what someone is speaking to me but then they ask a question and I have no clue what they said to me but I was paying attention well I tried anyways. They switched me to Vyvanse but with insurance and a good Rx card and the manufacturer cupon it’s still $300. I can’t afford that.does anyone know if north or south Carolina has any??

    1. We live in Gwinnett County GA and our business is falling apart. Home life is chaos. Husband has been on Adderall for decades. This is the third time we have suffered through a shortage. I would like to meet the people responsible for this. I will let my hubby live with them until they “get it!!”

  21. My grandson has been on this medicine for 15 yrs. He’s working in a meat department, this is the first time trying that and it’s extremely hard. So he REALLY needs his medicine. He’s been without it for 2 weeks now. We talk a lot to try to help him clear his head, but that doesn’t help him sleep. He gets up at 5 am and doesn’t get home till about 4 pm. I’ve called his pharmacy and mine trying to get his meds. I’m concidering maybe asking him if he wants to try a natural alternative that’s equivalent to Adderall 30. Has anyone else tried anything like that? I think our President needs to step in, they can do it for vivid vaccines , when they had no research. This is OUR AMERICAN PEOPLE’S LIVES.

  22. Joseph Wright is correct. I fill my Adderall at Publix in Florida. The pharmacist told me that too many pills were dispensed in 2022 and they are not allowed to dispense anymore until 2023. They have Adderall. They just can’t legally give it out. It sucks but so does everything else. Everyone has ruined it for people who actually need the drug. Housewives use Adderall to stay skinny, get high. The kids sell it like it’s crack cocaine. I don’t dare tell anyone I have a script because the first thing they say is they want to buy it. They want to party with it. Unbelievable.

    1. Can’t legally dispense it, or don’t want to? I know a lot of places that prescribe it (not dispense it) have gotten in hot water with the FDA for over-prescribing it through places like Cerebral or Lemonade Health, but that has zero bearing on whether a pharmacy can give it to you. Doctors orders, and its not up to the pharmacist to make that decision. I promise you that that same pharmacy isn’t going to be like “Sorry sir, I can’t give you your hydrocodone for the slipped disc in your back because we dispensed too many last year to people abusing the system…good luck”. My guess is that you’re being fed a load of BS.

      1. Actually the pharmacists have no obligation to fill your script, at all. you have no power there. they dont have to listen to any dr. the drs aren’t their bosses, and by doing so no laws are being broken, trust me, ive had it out with plenty of pharmacists and it only hurts you….. also the DEA has come down on these places that have distributed more than “allowed”, so they actually do have their own internal problems, but pharmacists and your dr have nothing to do with one another, and they can tell you to F off to the next place, and can even call the other stores in the chain(within the area) and let them know you’re a problem customer and theyll black list ya….I know a few who had this happen….

  23. I am dealing with this right now. The mail order prescription company we are required to use keeps canceling the prescription when my Dr sends it over. They never communicated a shortage of the medication to me. After an hour on the phone and several customer service reps later it was finally revealed that Adderall is on long term backorder. It is horrible that they did not provide that information a month ago. I am experiencing withdrawal (fatigue, nausea, irritability). My Dr. office is not communicating back to me. How does this even happen? I feel some comfort in knowing I am not alone. Adderall actually relaxes me.

    1. Is this Express Scripts? I have wasted so many hours on the phone with them – after they assured me that, no matter what happened with the shortage, they were “different” from local pharmacies and always had access to everything. I don’t blame them for not being able to honor their promise, but I do wish they communicated with each other better and could provide accurate information to patients about what’s in stock and what isn’t. The conflicting info I get from their employees has resulted in missed work, missed obligations, and severe financial hardship over here.

  24. I can’t believe it’s the new year and we are still going through this. I have been on this medicine for close to 20 years (daily). Now….not being able to get it and also having no idea when it will be available is a bit scary. My brain hurts. Not a “poor me” message either. I’m frustrated.

  25. I take Adderall for Narcolepsy and let me tell you it makes a huge difference. Now I can’t get it anywhere either so my doctor had me try a different drug which did not even compare. I couldn’t stay awake for more than a couple hours at a time. I didn’t get anything done that month. Went back on Adderall and felt so much better only to learn that I might not be getting any more for a while. I find that the pharmacies don’t even know what’s going on because they all have different stories as to what is going on.

  26. Many people are unaware that Adderall is not just a medication to help with ADHD..I am a disabled Veteran who suffers severely with PTSD, Anxiety, Major Depressive Disorder, bipolar, and the list goes on. Because of how my body absorbs, doesn’t absorb certain medications, psychostimulants are a huge part of what keeps me in a place where I can control certain situations. With this shortage, it is extremely difficult to find something as effective without going “outside the box”.
    I hope soon, the government gets this fixed and we can all get back to working towards a normal way of life.
    Good luck and God Bless everyone .

    1. I truly understand what you are going through and I now know that I am not alone. I thought I was going crazy without my medication 30 mg. 2 times a day for over 17 years now and I am or don’t have anyone who cares or understands what it is like without your medication

  27. I’m a psychiatric prescriber and have so many patients with ADHD. I feel so sorry for what my patients are going through right now. Lives, jobs, households, obligations, families, ability to wake and sleep properly, and eating habits, can FALL APART for people with ADHD without proper medical treatment. This shortage is so unacceptable and the last couple weeks have been the WORST of a many months long issue in my area. I noticed problems for the bulk of 2022. When will it end?

  28. As an executive in a large and growing technology organization, I have been on Adderall for 15 years. It’s worked amazing for me and I am completely blindsided that we are actually experiencing this right now and no one seems to really be doing a thing about it.

    This is insanity. I will lose my job because I often forget what I am saying mid-sentence, I have to re-read things over and over and over again because I cannot focus, and I have to make sure in my position that I am able to speak in front of my C-Suite and BOD without fumbling through my presentations/reports.

    Why is this not a bigger issue? The vaccine for COVID is FREE and available to all who need it, but there’s a supply chain issue for MONTHS for Adderall?

    If there are too many “new” diagnoses, perhaps do a deeper analysis of who actually needs them, or ramp up the manufacturing facilities who make this drug ASAP as it’s a labor shortage – not a supply shortage of chemicals.

    I took my last one today. I’ve not been without since 2011. I am not sure what is going to happen. Someone must do something. FAST.

  29. It’s shocking that so many articles talk about CHILDREN on Adderall. My husband has been able to succeed in business because of it for decades. He is now 72 and and still a creative artist, but when he doesn’t take it, our lives are chaos. I am exhausted. We run a business and I’m trying to take up the slack. There are many jobs that only HE can do! He hops from project to project, fantasizes about what he can do, dreams up projects that we spend money to create and then they never come to fruition. This is the third time in the last decade that we have suffered like this. Every time we have lost clients and been too scattered to restart the business. This is hurting us. We need to be adding to our retirement accounts! None of the other prescription meds have worked for him. He mostly depends on caffeine but it doesn’t really work and often seems to make the problem worse. If this was some kind of heart medication, I suspect that these shortages would never happen.

  30. They tell us there’s alternatives but my doctor will no prescribe anything else it’s against her contract she says so what am I suppose to lay here an sleep comma migraines body aches chills sleeping day an night smhh . This isn’t right

  31. The part about comparing Adderall for ADHD to glasses for folks with poor eyesight absolutely lit me on fire.

    Does the author realize that for some of us who have been on it our entire adult lives (20+ years for me), we literally *do not know how* to function in society without this medication? Not to mention that often when you are prescribed glasses, it’s not curing the issue but only treating symptoms, and usually you will end up requiring stronger lenses as you age due to many factors that are irrelevant to mention here…but for me personally, the dosage I take now is much higher than when I first started my regimen 21 years ago back in 2002.

    So, when I don’t have access to it, or can only get part of my script filled, it’s not like I can just take a partial dose and expect the same results. I have to take my full dose still for it to do anything, which means my 30-day supply dwindles to like 15 days worth or less.

    I can see how many non-ADHD folks might dismiss this as me using it as a crutch, or that there’s some moral failing on my part for relying on it so much (i.e.: an addiction), but guess what…I was a minor and just following doctors’ orders back when I was 13 and first started on it, my brain (then still in development) became accustomed to the presence of this medication on a physical level, and my mind became accustomed to it on a psychological level, so yeah…when I don’t have it, my life literally falls apart. My brain literally doesn’t have what it needs to operate as it knows how to do.

    I can’t focus, I can’t remember appointments or deadlines for work, I have no motivation to do anything, and I just basically count down the hours until I can go back to sleep and hope tomorrow is going to be better. I didn’t even mention the fact that my impulsivity and spending habits can get wildly out of control during these dry spells, which just compounds all the other problems I previously mentioned and then some.

    For all our sakes I desperately hope this gets figured out soon, because the stress of “Am I going to lose my job this month because I don’t have my meds and forgot a huge deadline or showed up late to work every day for two weeks” is just too much to handle.

    Stay strong folks <3

  32. Wanted to add- Adderall for every person isn’t just a med that allows us to “focus better”. For some, it’s more than that. This med isn’t just a booster med given to help us out. Not for all anyway…

  33. Wanted to add- Adderall for every person isn’t just a med that allows us to “focus better”. For some, it’s more than that. This med isn’t just a booster med given to help us out. Not for all anyway…

    An example- I read the article while waiting for my Adderall to kick in. After I posted my comment, and med kicked in, I realized a professor and director of developmental and behavioral pediatrics was the one referencing wearing glasses to taking the med. SHAME ON YOU Marilyn Augustyn for not being educated enough on the subject matter to know ADHD doesn’t just keep us from fidgeting and allow us to “focus better”. For many of us, including many children, we can NOT focus at all without the medication. Marilyn, it is apparent your views and education are outdated. May I suggest you continue your own education in this subject matter before continuing to educate and direct a department that deals with children with said issues. These children will become adults one day and will NOT be able to function in society without the med. Your view that these children, and adults, can just put on glasses to help them see better, is the farthest from the truth for many who SUFFER with ADHD.

    It is sad and heartbreaking for me to think another human has to suffer as long as I did before getting diagnosed and medicated, that this outdated viewpoint is still the norm at a University level! So sad…

  34. Doesn’t everyone see that the pharmaceutical companies are phasing Adderall out completely. They are going to stop making it. See it comes in generic in both the instant and extended release pills now. They are moving to Vyvanse which is $400 more for you a month. Then now there’s a new “instant and extended release all in one pill now too called Azatrria or something that’s brand new too. Those pharmacies get like 5 or 7 years each time they “research and development” a new drug where no other companies can make it for that many years in generic so they “have a way to recoup all the money they spent on inviting the so and so NEW drug. My doctor told me pretty soon you won’t be able to get Adderall anywhere cause the companies are back ordered cause they are busy making the pills they are making money on. Not the cheap Adderalls. Call around, you will see this is the truth, and what’s really happening. It’s CRAZY.

  35. Big Pharma hasn’t made enough money yet, they will increase the price I also took Adderall for 25 + years. I heard in July there was going to be a problem to get. I’ve took most every pharmaceutical medicine there is for ADHD but Teva Adderall work the best for me.
    I tried a medicine I have never ever had the name is Zenzedi it works somewhat like Adderall ask your Dr. About it or research it Yourself. I Think You Will Be glad You Did.
    Adderall works the best for me. Teva needs to get Busy.

    Crazy World

    1. Have you been able to get Zenzedi at all locally? That’s what my doctor prescribed as an alternative – after we trialed what feels like a thousand other options. I’d never heard of it before – and I was diagnosed when I was 9, now 47.

      A Walgreen’s pharmacist in my neighborhood ordered it for me when my scrip came in, but he only received enough for a partial fill, which I went ahead and accepted.

      Zenzedi’s a little less effective for me than Adderall – but on the plus side, it makes me feel less “medicated” after taking it than I do with Adderall.

      My mail order pharmacy doesn’t have it, though, and when I call local pharmacies to find out if it’s in stock, they act like I’m asking them to give me barrel of meth. (I don’t know hip drug terms so not sure what word I should use to describe “a lot of meth,” lol).

      I’m getting the sense that it’s way more stigmatized than Adderall among pharmacy people – and also, that it’s in shortage, too. What’s your experience been like?

  36. I can empathize with everyone who has shared their experiences and frustration about this ridiculous Adderall shortage. I’ve taken generic 30 mg. for about 12 years, 25 mg before that. I’ve been on Antidepressants, low grade anxiety meds and I only take 1/2 of what I’m supposed to each day. If I don’t take 1/2 Adderall, I can’t get focus, do normal tasks, become overwhelmed and go to bed. What’s the point? With zero motivation, focus, energy and debilitating depression, it seems pointless to participate. I’ve already been through what they’ve done to Pain Management, Physical Therapy and help I was receiving for Spondylitis in my lower back, diagnosed 17 years ago. Since the Federal Government decided to take over the Doctor/Patient relationship, I suppose all the chronic back pain sufferers like myself just evaporated. It’s a good thing I’m terrified of needles, as I wouldn’t dream of trading that Dr. Relationship with a Heroin Dealer or Phentynal supplier on the street. Wouldn’t know where to start. Unfortunately, many people in my position have died resorting to just that. Then the government calls it the “Opioid Crisis”. Those of us still in chronic pain, are given Ibuprofen and that will now magically make it better. I hope that isn’t the direction they hope to go with Adderall! It seems as if they find something that actually helps people with what ails them and the powers that be have to find a way to make it difficult to obtain, then impossible, and eventually illegal. I wear progressive lenses and take Adderall. I drink Diet Dr. Peppers and eat sweets. I should be ashamed of myself but Im not. I really think someday all the fun things and the good things that help people feel and work and live better will be found to be worthwhile and worth continuing to supply. Who knows, maybe someday they will discover that it was Cheap Toilet Paper that caused Cancer all along!

  37. I cannot explain how happy this thread made me because it honestly made me feel better knowing there are other people on the struggle bus as I am.

    I was taking Adderall 20mg x 3times a day. Since I kept struggling with nearby pharmacies who could fill it, I asked my new doctor if he could switch me to something else in the meanwhile, and so, he changed me to Ritalin 20mgs twice a day and was told “it may not be sufficient and if it isn’t, see me before next months fill so we can make changes,” and let me tell everyone, it is not.

    I am a full-time college student during the week, working as a database developer on the weekends, and “it may not be sufficient” is a flat-out joke to me and somewhat of a slap on the face. I am not a child; I am in my 30s, I have responsibilities on the line, and I am trying to find a way to tell my doctor this without coming off like an addict, as it already possibly seems to him, but it’s hard. I am afraid that if I go to him only a week after trying out this new script and tell him that it isn’t sufficient, he will flat-out flag me, not give me a different script, or something along the lines. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation?

  38. An article titled , “What’s Behind the Adderall Shortage …?” should describe, perhaps, what is behind the Adderall shortage. This piece doesn’t even attempt to do so, instead parroting a pediatrician’s single sentence, (mostly) incorrect answer.

  39. I despise these pharmaceutical companies for getting people completely hooked on amphetamines, often from a very early age, so when these same companies manufactured a shortage of the drug to limit circulating supply and raise prices to boost profits, people are now withdrawing and struggling to function. Let’s be real, ADHD symptoms in children are probably normal behaviors when they occur outside of an educational setting. The pressure for students to perform begins early and amphetamines are performance enhancing. It is not normal for a child to quietly build structures with a lego set for 18 hours straight without getting up to talk, eat, drink, or use the restroom, but that’s what these powerful stimulants do to you.

    When you are an adult, instead of lego sets its excel spreadsheets or other work activities. When you’ve been on speed for 20 years and then one day cannot get your meds filled, you are going to have some physical withdrawal problems as well as psychological issues. Good luck getting out of bed let alone writing that software that is due soon or being present in that important meeting. All that dopamine normally floating around in your brain is long gone and your brain cannot replace it in the quantities you need to function without the speed infusion.

    Once again big pharma has created a blockbuster drug with nearly infinite demand and they can turn off the pill press whenever they’d like to control the supply and steer the market. They don’t file patents on these drugs for nothing.

    It’s a profits game and they always win and your lives are the casualties. If I could get off these cursed tablets for good I would never look back. Instead I’m trading one Shire Pharmaceuticals amphetamine molecule for another more expensive one because I cannot function otherwise. See how that works?

    1. If it makes you feel any better, I wasn’t diagnosed until I was in my 30s. I grew up in the country, with plenty of fresh air and tree climbing, minimal TV, eggs and meat from our farm chickens…. everything that supposedly cures ADHD- and still had a horrible time in school. Problems mounting even more in adulthood. I always look back and think “what if I could have access to medication”? Could I have been more successful, less ostracized?

      That said, not sure if I would put my kids on the meds since availability has been so shaky, especially lately.

      All the best to you!!! And everyone else here!!!

  40. Having (for years) studied shortages of valuable product inventories from December to following February, the correlation between inventory valuation and regular calendar year ends is stark and (if nothing else) understandable.

    Having almost lost any adolescent nephew because our doctor simply told my brother to give him aspirin and call in the morning, I cam to realize from then – 1968 – till now- that life’s value must be properly be prioritized with to do lists including car detailing appointments and minimizing inventory carryovers.

    Now my son who is virtually a 32 year old zombie without Adderal will have to drive 40 minutes four times a week to work where he is considered a quiet, respectful “go to” worker who is greatly appreciated in the gigantic national warehouse where he works. Once he gets there he’ll have to self medicate with “energy drinks” to keep awake and attentive.

    I had ADHD as a child and was considered a “behavioral problem” castigated everywhere because of my deficit attention span. I was often punished.

    I do not really know what “druthers” are, but if I had mine I’d walk into somebody’s office and simply ask “Do you need to be slapped on both cheeks before you grow a eight cents worth of dignity and empathy and simply do the right thin?”

    Of course I’d be arrested and unable to respond when the police call and say “there’s been an accident”,; or when I get the same call from his work.

    Being a successful business owner means understanding where to draw lines between maximizing profits and maximizing benefit for patients, consumers, and humanity in general. Today, the concept of “supply line shortages” is not much more than a bit of sociopathic disregard.

    And just remember: We can’t just load up on Adderall in anticipation of the “shortages” intentionally caused as a result of this nonsense. And yes – “it would take an act of Congress”.

  41. Stay strong, my fellow ADHD friends. Withdrawals won’t last forever, trust me, I’ve been through them many, many times. You’ll think they never end and then boom!, you will feel so much better. I took my last two pills on Halloween last year. 

    We are all just trapped in this normie world that we were never made for. Normies get a boost from doing stuff like filing income tax,  yardwork and cleaning the house lol. Yeah, what’s wrong with THEM??  Here’s the good and bad news – I think the world is about to really fall apart where all these normie skills won’t matter anymore and scrappy ADHD folks like us will finally get our dopamine, no medication required.  Normies will fall apart under all that pressure. They can’t handle chaos!  

    Maybe some good will come from this. Maybe this will finally draw some attention to the pitiful state of the treatment of ADHD. Maybe some of these apathetic doctors will finally wake up as their revenue streams have got to be suffering from patient cancellations.  All the complaining and warning about these  problems to my doctor were ignored, I was left to fight with insurance and pharmacies and kept coming back like a sucker month after month.  It wasn’t my doctor’s problem – UNTIL now!! Guess what, I don’t have my meds but you won’t get to charge my insurance for an appointment, either! I cancelled my appointments and won’t be back until my meds are back! Which might not be for a long time! 

    I’d also stay away from antidepressants if you can. I bet a lot of these doctors are probably suggesting this to keep ADHD patients from cancelling. But what happens when they run out of those? Then you’ll have to go cold turkey and I don’t think that can be safely done with antidepressants? Cold turkey off stimulants can be unpleasant but it’s not life threatening. I’ve done it many times. 


    Stay strong, everyone! 


    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m currently hiding from my family crying because I’m down to one pill and no one has it. I’m 42 and have been on adderall, 25mg xr, for years. I was misdiagnosed with ocd, gad, for years then I went to a memory center for testing when I started running red lights, forgetting conversations I just had, etc. I thought I had early onset dementia. Turns out I have ADD and only 4% memory capacity. My docs were still worried I had anxiety and started me on the non stimulant add drug, after 6 months on that I was an angry monster and had attempted suicide. We switched to Adderall and poof, I was the calmest id ever been in my whole life! I could quiet my constant mind, I could focus and hold a conversation. No more anxiety either! This medicine is literally life changing for me and my family.
      I’m currently in my second lay off since the pandemic and smack dab in the middle of interviews. I’m terrified right now. When will withdraw symptoms start? Has anyone found a way to relieve the symptoms with vitamins or anything? Good to know it’s not life threatening if I can manage to keep it together. I’m already feeling fed up with this life.

  42. What’s also really annoying is the “who needs medication more” olympics that some people, like the nurse poster above, like to engage in. Don’t you see that that is exactly what the powers that be want us to do? If we blame one another, we will be too divided to hold them accountable!!! Why can’t ALL of us get these dirt cheap medications??? I honestly don’t care if you have ADD or not!!!  Why hasn’t anything been done to get Big Pharma to produce meds in this country? Why are we still relying on supply chains around the world that have failed patients?? Did you know that each generic pill contains ingredients from 30 different countries?!

    Who gets to decide who is more “worthy” of these medications?
    And are we truly free if we let the government or doctors tell us what we can or can’t put in our bodies?? They like to claim it’s for our safety, but we know that’s a lie! Otherwise, something would be done about the fentanyl crisis but seems to me, that all those overdose deaths are just what they want. The War on Drugs is a war on people! 

  43. This is not the only shortage we should all be worried about. Amoxicillin is still in shortage, baby formula for the second time, eggs…..All this is NOT by accident. And it’s going to get worse. Not having our ADHD treated will be the least of our worries. 

    This is probably all I can say without being censored. 

  44. I’ve been on generic Adderall for 7 years with great success. Now, completely shut off abruptly due to the backorder since December. Life has been horrible and difficult without it. The worst part – my pharmacy has the name brand in stock if I’m willing to pay $800. Not kidding, that’s actually what they charge and this is a well known national pharmacy. I will suffer until the generic is in stock.

  45. I’m wondering why stimulant meds are the only class of psychiatric drugs that are MIA. The plethora of antidepressants, anti anxiety meds, anti psychotics, et al are all widely available. There is more going on here than meets the eye, and if we have any quality investigative journalists left, the truth will (eventually) out.

  46. My son who has been on ADD meds since he was 6 can’t get his Adderall ER 20mg…. His is in his senior year of college and is fretting over not having his medicine to get through the day… Why hasn’t the government stepped in getting it from other countries like they did for the baby formula shortage???? He is thinking he will have to quit school if he doesn’t get his medicine….

  47. I live in Houston Texas, I am 65 years old and have been taking Adderall for 15+ years, this so called shortage has and is making my life pure hell. I’m still out in the workforce, but the last 3 months I have lost/misplaced important parts at my place of employment. I find it extremely difficult to stay focused on my job and my home life. I don’t think there’s much of a chance for a class action lawsuit, but I would definitely support it.

  48. Anyone else here have problems with their posts not showing up or disappearing? Am I being censored or is this just a technical issue??? I’d be so grateful if I could see my posts! Thanks in advance to the moderators, please could you look into this?

  49. I agree, it’s more like telling a 1-legged man to walk and all he can do is hop or fall down. How dare anyone judge any of us.

  50. It’s like when they gave sugar pills to syphillis patients and told them it was a cure and then they sat back and watched them all go crazy and did nothing to help them.

  51. Unfortunately these online so called treatment centers and the DEA refusing I to allow the manufacturing companies to increase productivity despite them asking for it is the real problem.. I’ve been on adhd medication since I was in high school so over twenty years I’m in the Boston area metro west and it’s been very hard to find I’ve paid out of pocket with good rx

  52. Just wanted to give people a little bit of hope- I live in NH and couldn’t find any adderall anywhere! My normal cvs didn’t have it- I called another cvs a couple miles away after calling all over the state and they had it!!!! You would think the other cvs would have told me- NOPE!
    Good luck to all- don’t give up!

  53. I have narcolepsy have had to take CNS stimulants for a long time. I sleep very well at night and my blood pressure actually goes down as long as I am on them because I am not struggling to stay awake. Now I’m struggling again and my Dr. has sent in different prescriptions with no luck pharmacy says back order. Very sad can’t get exercise gaining weight quickly and I Hope cataplexy does not start back up again. These drugs are not only used to treat ADHD. They are also used to treat the rare disease of Narcolepsy/Cataplexy. Very sad for
    the adults and children that need these drugs to try to lead a normal existence and life without them we are not necessarily addicted to them we are afflicted by conditions without them

  54. I too am dealing with the Adderall shortage. I have had a subarachnoid hemorrhage that affected the impulse control section of the brain. It took 2 years to find a RX combination that worked. I am not a NICE person when I am not taking adderall.
    I find it questionable that NONE of the Pharmaceuticals can manufacturer enough Adderall to keep up with supply and demand.
    Last week I was told the main ingredients for this drug is grown and supplied from China where previously the source was the Phillipines…Go Figure.
    I am ready to continue investigating this situation….I would love to keep everyone updated but dont know exactly how. Any ideas??
    Thanks for listening…..Geri

  55. Hi Geri! I’d like to contribute/follow your investigation of this whole mess! Maybe you could make a Substack account?
    All the best to you, Geri. Hopefully, this will end soon but it doesn’t seem like it, does it.

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