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There are 4 comments on What That Turkey Is All About

  1. What a tone-deaf, hetero normative, indigenous erasure laden piece. Looks like it was published several years ago with an updated date – this was a miss, editors.

  2. As a descendant of one of the original settlers in 1620 through my mother, and a descendant of one of the original settlers to Newfoundland in the 1500s, the Wampanoag may call it the day of mourning, but I suggest that is the influence of some activists from the 1960s. The treaty that Miles Standish established with the Wampanoag was left unbroken for 60 years. Also, though the purpose of the “Separatists” was for conversion of the “naturals”, ie. “furtherance of the gospel” in the Mayflower Compact, the Protestant missionaries NEVER enslaved or slaughtered the Native American – that was the role of the Spanish Roman Catholics in Central and South America. The Natives indigenous to New York and New England were close friends with the settlers up until the Revolution, and sided with the British. It also should be remembered that these DASTARDLY EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS started schools to train missionaries to the Indians- like Harvard, Dartmouth, Yale, etc, and to this day, it is written in their charters that Native Americans may attend and get an education FOR FREE.

    The day of mourning for Native Americans should be November 25, 1783. For during the Revolution, the Native Americans sided with the British and at the encouragement of the British fought with ruthlessness in places like South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. For those acts, Washington ORDERED the complete annihilations of the offending tribes. There had been wars with Native populations before that, but the British policy was to leave the Native population unmolested. That was one of the causes of the American Revolution, the colonies were restricted to east of the Appalachians. Native Americans backed the British for obvious reasons, and the Colonists who got Independence never forgot it and carried that prejudice westward and applied it to all Indians.

    You will probably find that the ACADEMICS and SECULARISTS of that day were the ones that advocated the subjugation of the Native population, not the people who came here fleeing persecution in Europe.

    Looking at some comments, particularly the pithy comment about “hetero normative”, I suspect you really don’t monitor comments for substantive or civil discourse. I don’t see who anyone has sex with would affect their presentation of facts.

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