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There are 214 comments on Letter from the Family of Lu Lingzi

  1. I am so sorry for your loss and for the pain you must endure. Our hearts are broken over this terrible event, but not as broken as yours over the loss of your wonderful daughter.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. right in the feels. I never met Lingzi, but she seemed like a wonderful person with a flawless spirit. Rest in paradise dear, for you deserve an eternity of happiness and love.

  3. Dearest Lu family,
    My heart goes out to you at what must be the most terrible and difficult time of your lives. Lingzi was living her dream at a wonderful school in a beautiful and historic, warm and welcoming city. Our daughter Jasmine is a sophomore at Boston University, and had left the area of the explosions about 45 minutes earlier in order to return to her dorm to work on a paper. She was hoarse from cheering on the runners with her friends at her very first Boston Marathon. She is still struggling to deal with this devastating tragedy. On her way back from class today, she heard many vehicles with sirens blaring nearby, and she told me that every passerby stopped in their tracks, wondering whether another terrible event had taken place. She called me in tears, struggling with post-traumatic anxiety. My precious daughter will get through this, but you have lost yours. Lingzi will always be remembered at Boston University and by the people of Boston, as an adventurous, intelligent, curious and lovely soul who enriched the lives of those she knew, and who will be an inspiration for my daughter, for our family, and for all Americans, always. Sending my deepest sympathy; may your daughter’s memory bring you comfort.
    Monica Shevell
    Plano, Texas

    1. What a very thoughtful letter. My daughter spent 4 yrs at Tufts and I had the great opportunity to visit Boston a couple of times and what I took with me back home was what Boston stands for “FREEDOM, HISTORIC AND THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA (caring, compassionate and loving)”! Thank you for a beautiful letter! God Bless and many prayers to all the victims and their families.

    2. Thank you for this beautiful reply. As a Chinese student going to U.S. for university, I feel neverthelss inspired and encouraged after the tragedy because of the strength and love of people like you.

  4. Dear Lingzi’s family, we are so sorry for your loss. It is a horrific thing for any parent to lose a child, but it must have been even harder to lose your daughter in a foreign country, so far away, in such a meaningless and random event. I hope you can take some small comfort in knowing that so many in the United States grieve with you and will remember her name forever. I know I will. More immediately, I heard tonight that other Chinese exchange students here in Vermont knew her personally and are grieving her terribly.

    Please accept our condolences, our sorrow that her stay in the United States ended in such tragedy, and our promise that we will seek justice for her and the other victims until it is achieved.

  5. Considering what you must be going through (few can imagine), it is remarkably gracious of you to reach out and thank others for their support, as well as to offer condolences to the other families who have suffered in this senseless tragedy.
    No surprise your daughter was a remarkable person.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  6. Thank you for your loving tribute and comments. I am very sorry for your loss. My heart aches for you and your family. I pray that you are comforted by your memories and by the outpouring of love shared across the world, in Lingzi’s honor.

  7. Dear family of LU Lingzi,

    I want to convey my most sincere condolences to you. I didn’t know her but from what I read, your daughter was a very beautiful, bright and kind young woman who had her best years ahead of her. She left this world too soon but I am sure she will be remembered with grace by all those who were lucky to know her, particularly her family and friends. My prayers are with you.

  8. 实在太难过了!天使般的女孩就走了,请节哀,女儿在天堂,上帝守护着她,愿上帝给我们力量,尽快治愈心灵创伤,主和我们同在!

  9. As a recipient of two degrees from Boston University I am aware of the great spirit of B.U. and is being shown now for your lovely daughter. May the new scholarship funf perpetuate her spirit for many years to come.

  10. As a parent of a daughter overseas in China my heart goes out to you and I mourn with you. This should not happen to anyone’s children anywhere. PEACE.

  11. Clearly, she came from a very classy family. Sadly, we need more people like her. The world is not as nice a place without her. We have all lost in this tragedy. My deepest condolences.

  12. I am so sorry for your loss. It brings tears to my eyes, even though I have never met any of you, and I live far from Boston. I wish you all the best in this time of what must be unbelievable grief.

  13. This is the most eloquent, heartfelt and civilized letter I have ever read. It elevates us all to see, in the face of unimaginable pain, an ability to maintain dignity and respect … and in so doing, honor Lingzi. Within this letter, the family also honors all of us. To those who read their beautiful words, hold close to your hearts what you have seen, for there is good in this world..and this family is a shining inspiration to all of us.

    1. Indeed. As we say in my home town, this young lady clearly came from Good People. Family of Lingzi, my deepest respect and sympathy go out to you. Thank you for including us in your thoughts at this unimaginable time. Your grief must be unbearable, but your kind words bring us all hope and peace. May you feel all the love and support we strangers can send your way tonight and in the days to come.

  14. I live out in the western US. All of whom I know have been devastated by what had happened. Please believe though many miles separate us, we too feel your pain. We have you in our prayers, hearts, and minds always. Your beautiful, wonderful daughter is really a loss to us all but I know your pain will always be with you. I pray that you will have the comfort of the wonderful memories you and your family have had with her along with the knowledge that her struggles that she may have faced in her life will be no longer. She passed doing what she loved to do which can be a dream for us all. My sincerest condolences to you and the other families as well. May God bless you all in these troubled days.

  15. We are so sorry for the loss of your daughter. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Your letter was so beautiful and touching, we could feel the depth of your loss. We know she will forever be in your hearts.

  16. Although I never met Lingzi,I am now knowing such a beautiful soul. I can’t imagine how hardly a family face such a loss. R.I.P, Lingzi. You are living within us.

  17. Beautiful. Her story has captivated me. I can appreciate the devotion and dedication Lingzi would have put into everything she did. To think that such a young and aspiring girl was taken from the world is so sad. She did not deserve this. My sincerest condolences to the Lu family, my thoughts and prayers are always with you.

  18. I cant imagine the pain that the parents of this child feel. My heart goes out to them and to all who were directly affected. We all are affected, we all feel sad but the immediate families must be asking, ‘why me’. May god bless you all.

  19. 作为一名中国人,很痛惜这么一个聪慧而美丽的沈阳女孩就这样无情地被恶魔夺走了年轻的生命,同时,读完这封信,也能看到她父母的那种爱和思念是多么地强烈,这是一种大爱,必无疆,必永恒。

  20. My deepest sympathies to the Lu family. Thank you for showing such abundant grace in your letter.

    I’m Chinese and live in China, and to lose your only child so innocently is beyond a tragedy.. I feel devastated for your loss, and just pray that you will be strong, at peace, and hope God will transform this loss in your lives into unexpected gain.

  21. My heart is broken in sympathy for the loss of your wonderful daughter Lingzi.
    My Grandson is also a hard working studious college student and I can’t imagine the loss I would feel if something like this were to happen to him.
    How can any person or group think that killing innocent people will further their cause? Thank God the perversity of such people is blunted by the existence of people like your Daughter,a person who exemplifies all that is good in the world.
    I will always remember Lingzi.

  22. My heart is broken as is so many others across the world at the unspeakable horrific tragedy in Boston. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your sweet beautiful daughter. Please take comfort that she will never be forgotten and will inspire so many others from all over the world, from different cultures to go after their dreams, to work hard and most of embrace life with love, compassion and a smile!
    God Bless you and your family. Your family is in my prayers as are all the victims and their famlies.
    Deepest Sympathy,

    Kim Schacht
    Aurora, Colorado

  23. What a beautiful and encouraging message – thank you for opening your hearts and sharing it. We will continue to pray for Lingzi and send our sympathies and prayers to you from across the miles. Your message really touched us and our hearts goes out to you, your friends and family during these difficult times. May God give your strength through these difficult times.

  24. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved daughter. She was blessed to have a loving and supportive family. My thoughts and best wishes are with you in your time of mourning.

  25. I am so sorry for your loss. This one really hit me hard because I too have come from a different country, but in my case with my family ; for a better life in the United States. I can’t believe the cowards who did this are still out there roaming our streets, I know on my heart they will be caught and brought to justice one way or the other!

    Lingzi is the most beautiful young lady that I have seen on my life, her breakfest photo is priceless. It’s a real shame on what happened to her, she seemed like a person you would want to meet.

    I know her spirit is with us and she is resting peacefully now away from this crazy world.

    Lingzi, we will find who did this to you. Obama made that vow and so will I.

    Forever in our hearts.

    Rest in Peace young Angel.

  26. My condolences to her family. And I would like to thank them for sharing such a wonderful and powerful message. We must all do our part to carry Lingzi’s spirit and help ensure that a tragedy such as this does not happen again.

  27. The bravery of your statement in the midst of grief is deeply moving. As a fellow parent of an international student in Boston, my thoughts go out to you. Our memories of this wonderful city will now always include thoughts of your lovely daughter and of you, across the world.

  28. Words can be so hollow at a time like this, but it is all we have to let you know just how very sorry we are on the tragic loss of your daughter. Lingzi sounds like she was such a special person who had so much love, joy and spirit of fun to share w/the World and sadly taken away from you and her Family and Friends far too soon.

    Please accept my and my Family’s deepest sympathies on the loss of such a special person and know your Family is in the thoughts and prayers of many around the World. I pray Lingzi rests in peace and I pray for you and your Family the grace and strength to cope with such a heart breaking loss.

    Take Care,

    Denise in Ontario, Canada

  29. Dear Lu’s family,

    We were shocked by the tragedy and please accept our condolence for losing your beloved daughter. Please do let us know if we could assist in any form of help at this moment.

    BUAAC China and its over 500 alumini in China will be with you and to offer the help and support.

    Best wishes and our love,

    Hugo Xiong
    Chairman of BUAAC
    Trustee of Boston University

    WQ Han
    President of BUAAC

  30. I’m the only daughter of my parents and i’m now studying abroad as well. I understand the feeling that how the entire family care about their child and proud of him or her at the same time, just like what my family do to me. And I’m deeply sorry for your loss.
    She is a positive role model indeed and she will be remembered by us.

  31. From far away (Switzerland) we would like to accompany the family with the pain of loosing a child. We are all very shocked with what happened in Boston and hope all the best for all the people suffering direct or indirectly from this horrible tragedy. Sincerely. Fernando Scheps.

  32. Blessings to your family in this difficult time. I’m so sorry this happened to your beautiful daughter. I have a son, and cant imagine your pain. All of our hearts and prayers are with your family.

    J , California USA

  33. Many many years ago I too was a student at Boston University, so I can understand Lingzi’s enthusiasm for the university, her classes and professors, and the city. As a mother of two children, I can also understand your pain over the loss of your wonderful daughter. May she rest in peace and may you find some comfort in the fact that she will not be forgotten.

  34. I am living in the the same town as LingZhi family in China and have a 16 year-old daughter dreaming to pursue her study aboard, I am deeply sorry for the loss and pain caused to the family and moved at your strongness. wish you all the best.

  35. Dear Parents and family of Lingzi,
    My heart breaks for your loss and I pray God to give you strength in this hour. My daughter Aditi was a second time volunteer at the Boston Marathon. We live in India and I know how it must feel to send your child so far away. While the people in Boston are directly affected, I am dealing with the knowledge that if it was not for me, Aditi would have never been there.
    You see, I am a marathon runner and this was her way of showing me that she supported my running and was so proud of me.
    I am too far away to help my daughter in any meaningful manner; alas that right was snatched away from you. When aditi comes home in the summer, I will hold her extra minutes, feeling our love waft away in the clouds to Lingzi.
    My prayers with you.
    Anuradha Shastry, Bangalore India.

    1. As a former BU student, Boston resident, and Bangalore resident, thank you for your beautiful comments! I know millions of other Indian families mourn Lingzi’s passing.

  36. As a parent of an International student graduated from BU, I am so sorry for your loss.Lingzi will be in my thoughts and prayers from oceans away.

  37. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time. Please know that we all grieve with you here in Boston. Such a wonderful life cut so short, she will forever be in our hearts.

  38. I’m not a student at BU, but I’d love to. I’ll think of your daughter whenever I feel like giving up on my dreams because the time we take for granted really isn’t, and I owe her to make a good use of the time I was given that was taken away from her. I hope you can eventually find the peace you deserve after this tragedy. My sympathy and prayers are with you

  39. I an so sorry for your loss. Your daughter, Lingzi’s spirit will continue to touch those she met and loved. Your letter touched my heart. I am a graduate of BU 85, and not only loved BU, but the city of Boston for another 6 years. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this tragic time..May your daughter rest in peace..Amy

  40. My heart aches for your family. I pray that you may find some peace in your hearts during this difficult time. Thoughts and prayers from a BU Terrier in Canada.

  41. One thing I learned from being a student in Boston (some 14 years ago) is that we, people from everywhere in the world, share the same passion for life. In France, we have a fraternity message coming from a famous author Alexandre Dumas :’un pour tous et tous pour un’. Your daughter was one of us and will always be.

  42. Dear family of LU Lingzi,
    Your heartfelt letter is filled with compassion and hope. You remind the world that love will always triumph over hate. Thank you for sharing such kind words with all of us. Lingzi will forever be remembered and cherished by our BU community. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of sorrow.

  43. I am so sorry about your loss. We did not know each other, but I really want to send my blessing. Hope your family can ged rid of horrible things and return normal life. rip

  44. Lingzi will live for ever in people’s memory. No sacrifice will go without reward. Your courage and kind heart at the time of unbearable grief will inspire more to work for peace and friendship. Thank you.

  45. 美丽的中国姑娘,你牵动了多少中国人和美国人的心。你值得全世界的人们永远铭记。


  46. One thing that came to mind after reading the Family’s letter was Ling-zi’s chosen English name, Dorothy, which means “gift of God”.


  47. I am so very sorry for your loss, dear people.. I did not know your daughter, but I sense that with your daughters death, another sweet spirit has gone from this world. I pray her Spirit will be at peace and that in time, you will find solace and comfort.

  48. 愿吕令子的父母及其家人朋友节哀顺便!我也是一位大学生,当在中国得知这个悲伤的消息后,感到十分震惊并为吕令子的离去而感到万分惋惜。我想,如果是我们中的一位离去,我们家人和朋友又该如何悲伤呢?推己及人,所以我们都应该为吕令子默默致哀!希望她能走好!愿主慈悯!

  49. As a parent of our BU student daughter who was also at the marathon, my heart goes out to you. What a beautiful, bright daughter and please know we hold you and her in our thoughts and in our hearts.

  50. 我是一名来自中国的学生,感谢你们对吕令子姐姐的缅怀,愿令子安息!

    I’m a student from China.Thanks to your words.
    Lu Lingzi, R.I.P .

  51. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I am also a grad student at BU, but I take my classes online. This May, I will graduate and will think of your beatiful and precious daughter and will accept my diploma for her. Though I never met her, I have a sadness in my heart for her and for your family. May God give you peace and comfort during this time, and may the memories you have of her bring you happiness. May she rest in peace.

  52. 令子父母及家人,请节哀顺变,保重身体!感同身受你们的伤痛,每每念及情不自禁,泪涌眼眶.盼天底下有更多的人拥有无缘大慈、同体大悲、老吾老以及人之老、幼吾幼以及人之幼的情怀。

  53. I never knew her, but now I will remember her for the rest of my life, the same way we recall the cherry blossoms, long after they have fallen from the tree.

  54. What a beautiful and dignified statement from this Chinese family! Tears wet my eyes while I am reading through. Let’s pray for them! May Lingzi and the other two victims rest in peace! I am from China and used to work in America for 2 years, and I did experience the 911 terrorist attack in New York and could still fear the pain at the time. God bless America,this great nation!

  55. Pray for Lingzi’s family and pray for Boston. My heart will go on with you. So sad for hearing the bad news. And pray for people in danger, in war and my friends, my schoolmates in America.

  56. This is a very heart-touching letter. I wish the best for the family. As a Chinese in the US, I know it is a very difficult moment to go through for the family. All the peace loving people are with you. Rest in peace, Lingzi. God bless you and your family.
    Heshan from Arizona.

  57. My heart aches for you and your loss. Your beautiful, dear girl is beyond suffering now….. I hope that you have the support and love of your family and friends. With prayers and reverence for her sweet spirit.

  58. Your sentiment expressing hope for students like Lu Lingzi to continue to pursue their ambitions is incredibly gracious. This incident might strain the sentiment of Chinese students, or all students, looking to study abroad. But I hope your statement touches enough people to know that it is a genuinely amazing experience and not to be scared to follow their passion. Your daughter is in my prayers.

  59. I was never privileged enough to know Lingzi, but my heart goes out to you, as do those of the entire BU community. Every BU grad student here feels like it could have been us. I’m so very sorry for your loss.

  60. My daughter has sent me your message. She too is a young woman.She lives in your country.
    I am so sorry that in, my country, this terrible thing has happened to your daughter and to your family.
    Lingzi will live in my heart always.

  61. I am so touched by this sweet letter. As a Chinese student studying in the U.S., I know how hard the parents are getting through. I think all the students aboard know how hard their parents are missing them and concerning about their lives, health and safety, especially given the fact that most Chinese families only have one child. I don’t know Lingzi before, however seeing her pictures and some of her words online, I know that she’s a optimistic girl who loves life with a beautiful dream. And this letter tells me what a lovely family it is. Bless Lingzi’s parents and please know that we hold you in our heart. May she rest in peace. For all the other students aboard, please take care and stay safe.

  62. 另子的爸爸妈妈:

  63. RIP. I couldn’t think of someone who deserves a scholarship named after them more than her. Her spirit will live on in the lives of future students.

  64. To the family of LU Lingzi,
    My deepest condolences on the loss of your lovely daughter. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Peace be with you.

  65. This letter is classy at this difficult time. I know words cannot express your deep loss and that pain will remain in heart. As a son, I know Lingzi must want to see her parents stay well. So please take care. My heart is out with you.

  66. Dear Lu Family:

    I’m in tears when I’m reading your family letter. I’m so sad, like all the people here to watch this heart-broken accident; but at the same time, I’m so comforted to see that your beautiful & smart daughter and your kind family have been surrounded by so many loving people in this world.

    Be strong! we will be with your family !

  67. Dear Lu Family,

    Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to your daughter. Over ten years ago, one of my dear friends, an exchange student from Taiwan, faced the death of her parents’ motorcycle accident and death while living and studying in Iowa. A year later our university grieved the death of five Nigerian International students who died in a car accident, all of who were close friends with my former roommate. I grieved deeply each time with my friends, their host families, and our community; and I grieve again this week for you and your precious daughter. May you find comfort and peace in this dark time, and know that you have friends everywhere who are thinking and praying for you.


    Teresa Kim Pecinovsky

  68. such a thoughtful and inspiring message! Although you, the familiy of Lingzi, did not concentrate much on the tragedy around you recently, I can sense such pressing but helpless feeling on the lose of your graceful and positive daughter . In such situation I am really impressed by this letter, which reflected a quiet but strong attitude towards all the happening in surroundings.

    As a Chinese student studying oversea, I can understand what the ocean between two continients means and what child means to normal Chinese familiy. At this moment, what we can do is just stand up and keep on going positvely as Lingzi did.

    There will be a long journey to go. You are not lonely. The modesty and positity showing in the letter really makes us strong.

  69. 令子的双亲:

  70. 时间很多事情无法理解,就如爆炸发生,并且明知会带给无辜的人以伤害,这大概就是世事无常.

  71. Dear Lu family,
    My deepest condolences to you on the senseless and tragic loss of your daughter. I cannot imagine what you must be experiencing to have lost her when she was so far from home. She seems to have been a very bright and courageous soul. May peace be with you all!

  72. I can’t imagine how deep the sorrow Lingzi’s family is experience. I don’t personally know Lingzi, but look at her pictures and her simple words to describe her joy over little things in life, I can feel she is such a remarkable young accomplished lady, warm, simple, looking at world with her kind eyes…she is an angle! Lingzi, rest in peace! My prayers will always be with you. Lingzi’s family, please know that many, many, many of us are with you! From New York.

  73. Dear Mr.& Mrs. Lu,

    My heart hurts with you. I was in tears with you. Our two children attend Boston University too and I have to call them before I go to bed every single night even though we live in Massachusetts. We sent one of our kids to China to study twice and we understand and sympathize with how you feel. We are extremely proud of you for sending your loved one to one of the top universities to study even though it is across the world. You allowed her to fulfill her academic wishes. An unexpected tragedy happened in the heart of Boston. It breaks everyone’s heart to see this happen. Your daughter, among other victims, will be remembered by everyone. Take care of yourselves; your daughter would want to see you happy and strong. If you come to Boston, let me know I can meet you here. I can speak a few languages fluently including mandarin. I come from south Asia and I am a BU parent like you. Stay strong and take care.

  74. 学姐,你是天下育才人的一份子,没有育才同胞会忘记你。不知道会不会真的有灵魂的说法,但你一定会在冥冥之中看到所有的一切。god bless you!

  75. I just cannot begin to imagine such loss. My heart and prayers go out to your family.

    Both my daughters are students at BU. They were on a street corner in between both explosions. While thankful they were able to escape unhurt physically, I am working hard to get them the help they need emotionally to deal with this senseless act of tragedy.

    The endless dedication and devotion by Boston’s finest law enforcement shows that the senseless loss of Lingzi will not be in vain.
    Your beautiful daughter will live forever in our hearts and in the hearts of the people of Boston.

  76. My family’s heartfelt sorrow goes out to the family of Lu Lingzi. I know that nothing will ever heal your loss but you and yours are in our thoughts and prayers. From Charlotte NC.

  77. May your daughter rest in peace. I didn’t know Lingzi personally but she seemed like an amazing individual, a truly good and wonderful person. I am so sorry for your loss. As a BU alum, I am deeply saddened by the events of this week and the huge loss of life. God bless you and peace be with you all.

  78. My heart will go with Lingzi and her family. I’m also the only child of my parents who is currently studying in the states far away from home. I can’t imagine that when such a sad news came up and her parents couldn’t even be there and help Lingzi…Losing their dear daughter is such a pain in their lifetime and the only thing I can do is to pray for them. I’m also moved that there are so many people came and sent their messages to Lingzi’s parents.The world will remember this tragedy and everyone should keep strong to fight for terrorism!

  79. What a beautiful and telent girl. Hope you rest in Peace. To her parents, I can not imagine how painful this could be to suffer from this loss. My thoughts are with you. From Tokyo, Japan

  80. I’m a Chinese studying at MIT, the neighboring school. I came to Boston last summer, the same time Lingzi came here. Before that, we both spent four years in the same city, Beijing. She is a friend of my friend, who told me Lingzi was ‘such a good girl’. I could even imagine that we’ll get to know each other and become friends in the very near future! Losing her brings the saddest moment since I came to US. I can’t imagine the sorrow you are suffering now. I’ll remember her, as a friend I didn’t get to know in time. 节哀!

  81. As a parent who has, in the past, seen their children move away to accomplish their academic dreams, I wish to add my condolences to all the people before me who have expressed their sadness at this tragedy.
    I hope that our messages will provide some comfort for you, and I doubt that I will forget your daughters name and achievements, in the time left to me.

  82. I am so very sorry for your unimaginable–yet painfully real–loss. Your letter was beautiful, and it brought tears to my eyes. You are in my thoughts, and I wish you all of the peace and comfort in the world.

  83. 你们的善良尊严与宽厚之爱和你们可爱聪慧的女儿的笑容一样令人难忘。请节哀。令子永远是活在我们记忆中的美丽天使。

  84. 我是来自中国的一名普通的大学在校生,看到这样的消息非常难过。愿令子的家人坚强,保重身体!

    My thought and prayer will be with you.GOD bless.

  85. 夢斷香消,青衫濕遍,難盡寸裂柔腸
    如Martin Richard小朋友所願 –
    No More Hurting People, Peace on Earth

  86. Dear family of LU Lingzi,

    I am the father of 21 year old girl who is a student at Jagellonian University, Krakow, Poland. She is to go abroad for overseas exchange soon…

    I just want to let you know the story of your wonderful daughter is known here, in academic city with 17 universities. Parents and students are looking and her photo and reading her story… admiring her!

    Let the story of your daughter be a symbol, symbol of dreams for this new generation for whom the world has no borders. Your letter show us all the kids have visions, plans, dreams and all the parents share them. In China, U.S, and all over the world…

    She, her life, her plans, her photo is with us, and you her family are with us many, many homes. Across the borders and continents.

    Nothing can be done to reverse time but she lives in our hearts


    Mariusz Kochanski, Krakow Poland

  87. I hope many people will be inspired by Lingzi’s hardwork and tenacity and her family’s gratiousness even in a time of tragedy. I am so moved by their loss.

  88. Dear Lingzi’s family

    It has brought tears to my eyes when I read your letter again and again. You had such a wonderful daughter, who was full of spirit, enthusiasm, passion and love, she was smart, caring and active, her life may be short but her journey was splendid and many of us would not compare. She was lost in such a terrible tragedy but at this very difficult time you are not alone, thousands of us around the world are thinking of you and keeping this beautiful young girl in our heart and memories. She is now rest in peace and will share all her love in heaven. Thank you for bringing such an angel to this world and some of us had the luck to be close to her, she will be solely missed and forever remembered.

    Take good care of yourself and my heart goes out to the family.

  89. Estimada familia Lu, nuestros corazones sudamericanos están con Ustedes en estos trágicos momentos, no puedo imaginar la inmensidad de vuestro dolor. La profunda injusticia de la temprana partida de Lingzi, debe alentarnos a trabajar arduamente para evitar que los desviados proliferen. Sientan nuestro fuerte abrazo desde el Uruguay.

  90. I am a Chinese parent of two kids studying in US, too. My deepest sympathies go to Lingzi’s parents and family. And wish Lingzi’s parents be brave.

  91. What a beautiful message which has moved me very much. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet Lingzi. My prayers go to her family and friends. May her soul enlighten!
    Simon (Switzerland)

  92. 请令子的爸爸妈妈和家人多保重。我也有一个女儿,我能感受到你们的悲痛,我在看这封信的时候一直在流泪,不同政见者的矛盾为什么让无辜的孩子来承受?令子在天堂永远快乐!

  93. To the Family of Lu Lingzi,

    What a caring and thoughtful letter to share with us in a difficult time. I was a student at Tufts University and ran in the Boston Marathon a few years ago. The recent events have been difficult to accept and it is sad. You’re letter and care lift my spirits.

  94. As someone who lost his loved one before, I know nothing said or done will ease your pain of losing your dearest daughter, a wonderful, beautiful and intelligent young lady, but still I want to express my deepest condolence to your whole family. I am in tears after reading your very well written letter.我和你们全家一起流泪和心痛,希望分担你们千分之一,万分之一的痛苦和伤心。 令子姑娘美好的形象将被永远铭记。

  95. Your message is beautiful and moved me to tears. As a father living in India whose only child has also gone to the US last fall as did your daughter for the same reasons, I feel very sad and empathize with your feelings. Your daughter was a very beautiful person, and she will always live in our hearts, even though most of us never met her. I hope that in the days to come, you find the strength to cope with your tragic loss. May your daughter rest in peace.

  96. In the shadow of such a profound personal tragedy, Lingzi is a light that will shine with her grace and with the promise that were her dreams. Her presence has helped reveal the hearts in Boston, at Boston University, and around the world. My family, friends and our community here in California wish you peace and comfort.

  97. To the parents and family of Lingzi, may god bless you and your family at this difficult time and keep your angel Lingzi in your hearts forever. What a wonderful and compelling letter and tribute to your beautiful daughter and the others who have lost their lives and are injured after such a horrific act. I too am a parent of a student at BU and am from the city of Boston originally, it is a wonderful, warm, loving, compassionate city and your daughter seems to have all that love going out to her and your family as well. May you keep her memory alive and with you each and every day. So sorry for your loss and my families deepest sympathy goes out to you at this time. Debbie N. New Jersey

  98. My sincerest condolences to you and your family. I am an English professor. Every year, I am stunned by the strength of people like your daughter who leave their home countries and everything that is familiar to them including their language and the people they love to pursue an education in another country, not just for a year or six months like many American students who study abroad, but for four, six, or sometimes even 10 years if they pursue a doctorate. Your daughter was courageous and you should be very proud of her. But you are also very brave. You had to let her go in ways that most American parents will never understand, and now you’ve had to let her go in ways no parents ever should. Our country’s teachers mourn with you, for your daughter, and for every student who is a victim of violence.

  99. The entire city of Boston and our entire nation mourn with you. I am deeply saddened by the loss of such a wonderful ambassador from China. She will not be forgotten.

  100. 非常让人痛心的消息。

  101. A beautiful letter at a very difficult time. The world will continue to hold you, your daughter and all the other victims in our thoughts and prayers!

  102. 令子的双亲你们好,我非常敬佩你们的理智并且为你们失去的一位天使一般的女儿感到无比心碎。

  103. What a touching letter. Your daughter’s zest for life, academic excellence, and your pride and joy in her achievements, will be remembered. I am sorry that this happened to your daughter, please know that I will say prayers for her, as well as for your family. Thank you for sharing her with uu and may God bless you, and grant you peace.

  104. A touching and beautiful letter. Though we live in different countries, I for one, will keep the memory of Lingzi in my heart. May the peace of God rest on you at this time.

  105. I have never read such a letter. It was so selfless and gracious. I know by reading it that you brought your daughter up very well. I am a professor at a South Korean university and have Chinese exchange students every semester. Lingzi’s passing especially affected me because of my students. I feel like I know her – though we never met. Our hearts grieve your loss. My condolences to you. I will always remember your daughter.

  106. RIP Lu Lingzi. My thoughts and prayers are with your family in this moment of loss and grieving. Your daughter will be remembered forever in our hearts.

  107. I am deeply saddened by what happened to Lingzi. I can only imagine what your family is going through now. My little boy lost 2 fingers in an escalator accident a year ago and I still find it hard to come to terms with. Your family is very special, and will always be. Rest in peace Lingzi.


  108. 这是一封虽然悲痛但又充满爱心和感恩之心的信,在这样的时刻对于一般的中国父母是很难有如此表达的。你们是勇敢理性智慧的父母,不难理解你们会培养出如令子般优秀的女儿。愿你们节哀。

  109. She is the only child of her family, her death means a huge tragedy to her family. While I was reading this letter, I was so deeply touched by her family, by the dignified and thoughtful words. All of us will never forget about her. I wish the family all the best, pray to all of you.

  110. God walk with you and your family as you grieve the loss of your amazing , beautiful and brilliant daughter. Losing a child is the most difficult loss to endure, as only another grieving parent can truly understand your heartache. Prayers and love to you. Jan and Steve Stranick

  111. 多麼難得的父母,道盡了每一個父母的心聲!謝謝你們養育了像令子如此般可愛,善良,美麗,聰慧的天使!她如今平安的回到了天家,但留給大家的不止是無盡的思念,更有無限的從天父那來的「愛」!如經上所言:我們愛,因為神先愛了我們!



  112. 祝福你们。这样完美的女儿,这样善良的父母。让所有人都觉得世界还是美好的,有希望的。保重。就当你们的女儿去了一个很有很远的地方求学工作。

  113. I did not know your daughter, but from what you speak of her she was a beautiful, kind, loving compassionate young lady, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time in your life, I hope that someday you do find peace with all of this. I can only imagine the pain you are suffering, and thank you for the beautiful letter, which I know took a lot of strength for you and your family to write. God Bless your family, and may Lu Rest in Peace! This has been such a horrific experience for all involved, and I for one have been so emotionally affected by all of the events that have taken place since Monday, and can only hope that things will get back to normal at some level.

  114. May you find even the smallest of comfort in knowing that the world shares your heartbreak. What courage it took to write those words when you are so deeply shattered by your daughter’s passing. She and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers…

  115. There are no words more heartfelt, more honest or more touching that I can add to the many I have just been reading in tribute to Lingzi, your beautiful daughter, and to you as a family. But I too feel the desire to be part of the voices and hearts that reach out to fill the unimaginable void and pain of your loss. Where the terrible darkness of hatred and senseless violence can strike, I give thanks for the life of your daughter who clearly brought light, joy, intelligence and goodness to this world. I join in my admiration for you as the family who gave her the love and courage to grow and explore and who, even now, reach out to touch the world with kind and brave thought.
    I was a student at Boston University, almost 50 years ago now, and I am moved and grateful that the University is establishing a scholarship in Lingzi’s name. I am grateful to have this way of contributing to the memory of her life and spirit of her goals.

  116. It was a great honor to have your daughter in our city. We all feel your great pain and are sorry for your loss – more than words can say. Please know we are thinking of you every day and share your grief.

  117. To brave & dignified parents of Lingzi,I am so sorry for your pain & loss.I lost my 1st son age 25 almost 9 months ago in a car accident & I have a younger son 2 years younger,so I can imagine your bewilderment.I wish you the strength & peace of God that passeth all understanding.I pray for the blessed repose of the Soul of your only child.As a bereaved mother,I pray for all other bereaved parents,the worst loss.

  118. May your God give you strength to face the days ahead without your daughter. My heart cannot understand why the evil of this act would touch your family in this horrible way. I am horrified that you could not leave your precious child in America in safety. My thoughts and sympathy are with you all with hope that your grief will not be in vain. RIP Linzi…

  119. To the Family of Lu Lingzi,

    Your tragic loss is so heart-wrenching. I have four children and cannot imagine losing anyone of them. To lose your only child is beyond anyone’s comprehension. Your loss, however, is actually a gift to the world. It is the gift of love and humility. The sacrifice that you’ve made to raise her and send her to BU to pursue her dream will not die in vain. Her name and spirit will always live on to inspire young people like her to work hard and help make the world a better place. Your loss is also our loss. We grieve with you and your family and will always remember your beautiful daughter with the bright smile as a beacon of love and humility.

  120. Dear Lingzi’s family,

    My most sincere prayers for you. I’m a graduate from NEYC, the very high school where Lingzi stayed at 4 years ago, and when I heard about the tragedy that my schoolmate was a victim of the terrible incident, my heart trembled as well. That’s a person, although I do not know in person, but may have met or even talked before… After all, all NEYCers are in a big family, and believe me we all mourn sadly for your great loss. And also you had all my respect for your braveness and selflessness, what an honorable family!

    At last, may I represent all the schoolmates of Lingzi, all NEYCers, to share your sorrow and memories of Lingzi. May her rest in peace, and may the live keep well.

    Zhang Haoquan
    2012 graduate of North East Yucai Senior High Division
    Shenyang China

  121. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Lu,

    I am so sorry for your loss and realize that no words can fill the void that is left. I did not have the privilege of knowing your daughter, but as a Chinese American and fellow graduate student at Boston University, I was touched by the stories about your daughter. Her story hit me especially hard because I am also a UC graduate and am from 20 minutes away from UC Riverside, which I heard she studied at and have friends who also attended that school.

    Everything I heard about her was how positive she always was, and I quickly realized that I should learn from her example. I am in law school and many times, all of us have considered quitting. Despite the various struggles, I and my fellow students have learned how to carry on by your daughter’s example. Although none of us knew who she was until the tragedy occurred, we have all learned from her example. We will continue to run our own individual races and have the strength to finish because of her story.

    Over the last week, I have been discussing the lessons that I have learned with my friends from home in California. They, along with me, have also learned how to be more positive and have been touched by your daughter’s story. As a result, we have all made donations or will be making donations to your daughter’s scholarship fund. It was a privilege for me to attend the memorial service and my friends were streaming it online.

    We will continue to remember the example that your daughter has set before us and wish you and your family the best during this difficult time.

  122. Dear Lingzi’s Parents,

    Lingzi is so great and I think she is our dear daughter too…forever. We have a daughter. She loves studying, making friends, and Marathon, too. She watches Marathon every year alongside the race in our city, and even runs in it this year. I believe thousands of Lingzies are coming out from all over the world and will make the world full of love, mercy, wisdom, kindness, and beauty, just because we know who Lingzi is. Yes, she has rested in peace, but we have more good girls are growing and showing their good qualities to us. This active and positive change is due to your sacrifice of your lovely Lingzi. We parents won’t forget LU Lingzi and she lives in our heart forever.

    God Bless You, dear Lingzi’s mum and dad

  123. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Lu,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I work in support of the US Dept. of Defense and have attended many military funerals over the last 10 years. I always struggle to figure out what is the meaning of a particular young person’s life when it is taken away so early. I walk through the grounds at Arlington cemetery surrounded by a sea of tomb stones laid in memory of those who sacrificed for our defense. I can never quite make sense of it but I know that if my life is changed by a loss, then the meaning of the departed life grows. As a country, we spend close to $1Tril/yr maintaining our defense department. That represents a large effort of many millions of people and yet, we still do not enjoy peace on earth. What I see from my point of view is an enormous effort to prevent war through strength but very little effort to create the circumstances for peace. And in particular, what I see most acutely is a distinct lack of human creativity when it comes to achieving peace. I hope some of the young people who are impacted by your daughter’s death know that peace is such an underserved goal whose value we never recognize until it is too late. I hope that many people out there take the challenge to apply human creativity and human genius to the task of achieving peace because it is a problem with so little talent trying to solve it. We need more people who are obsessed with the problem of achieving peace and who recognize that it is utterly deprived of innovation at the moment. It is ripe for new heroes who are clever, determined, committed and inspired by events such as we have seen recently. Let someone else invent the next innovation in electronics or medicine or art or fashion or business. Live for peace–understand it from every angle, breaking it down into every conceivable part, identifying every salient element of its constitution and penetrate its causes so that you can inform a world in the dark about how we achieve it given the myriad of circumstances that exist around the world. We are always ready for war but almost always ill-prepared for peace. I apologize for possibly distracting from the grieving here. Again, I am sorry for your loss.


  124. To the Parents of Lu Lingzi,

    It is obvious to anyone who ever gazed upon your daughter’s face that she was filled with wonder and joy and that was the gift she gave to those of us who have already been claimed by cynicism. Your daughter had a beautiful spirit and she shared that with all of us. I weep not only for you and your daughter, but for the world she had so much to offer. Please forgive us; we failed to protect your beautiful, precious, baby girl. Believe me when I say to you that we are all broken, with nothing left but a burning desire for justice in an unjust world.

  125. My condolences to Lu’s family. Thank them for sharing such a powerful message. We will do our part to keep Lingzi’s spirit alive and help ensure that a tragedy such as this does not happen again.

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