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  1. Heartbreaking. A cherished daughter lost … I cannot imagine anything more painful … bless these fine people and may time ease this terrible wound.

  2. Iris Chang and now Lingzi. They will enjoy each other on the journey. So much alike. It is so understandable to see how these women came to be when you see their parents and family. Can we try and say “never again?” I guess that’s what Hope is….

  3. To all who read – please forgive the length – The tears started on Monday and increased as it was learned this wonderful young woman was among those who had been taken from us so early in life. I did not know her and were it not for this event likely never would have ,, the hurt and saddness has been felt each time I see a photo of her, esp the one on the podium ,, these were the eyes of the future. For her father to stand and present his daughter in her life as he did took great courage. I have felt, as he does now, the same need for inner strength when being faced with such a loss. For those around Lingzi, who loved her, knew her and now surround her family – thank you all ,, you will never know the amount of strength and comfort it provides to those who have lost such a treasure. To Mr and Mrs Lu, may you find comfort in your loss knowing that Lingzi’s journey had filled those around her with love, great happiness and endless memories. She will be missed in her presence, but remembered always in her spirit. You are in our eternal fathers arms now little star, may you find comfort in your saddness and joy in the love you have given to many.

  4. This is among the most beautiful things ever written, and yet done so during a time of such overwhelming sorrow. Our prayers here in New Orleans are with you, and in time may you find peace in your heart!

  5. As a alumnus of BU, and also father of two lovely kids, I can imagine how painful this father feels now. Yes, may the perished rest in peace, and the survivors be strong. God bless the parents!

  6. May Her Soul Rest In Peace. She was a Great and Loving Daughter . I hope she is in a Better and Peaceful Place Now. Our Prayers Are With All Her Dear Family.

  7. Absolutely Beautiful, just like how they described her. Im speechless she had such a great future ahead. Prayers from Calironia are with her family, and loved ones.

  8. It is obvious to anyone who ever gazed upon your daughter’s face that she was filled with wonder and joy and that was the gift she gave to those of us already claimed by cynicism. Your daughter had a beautiful spirit and she shared that with all of us. I weep not only for you and your daughter, but for the world she had so much to offer. Please forgive us; we failed to protect your beautiful, precious, baby girl. Believe me when I say to you that we are all broken, with nothing left but a burning desire for justice in an unjust world.

  9. Lu Ling Zi is the same age as my older son. Her parents are probably the same age as me. I can’t imagine the pain of losing such a beautiful and talented daughter, especially the only child they have. Life will never be the same again for them. No words can express my sorrow for such a tragedy. Only time and tears will slowly heal the wounds in their hearts.

    1. Such a beautiful and moving eulogy. I am a BU Alumnus, 2 of my children go to BU. My sincere condolences to you the parents and the entire family. I can’t stop the tears… Sending you Love and Courage.

  10. Lu Jun, I can’t imagine the pain of losing your daughter. I am an American teacher in China, having lived here for long enough so that my own daughter, who is only one year older than Lingzi, grew up in China. I pray that you will have God’s peace to comfort you as you walk this difficult road.

  11. Dear JoAnn, Thank you for sharing this moving eulogy with the world. We will never know what Lu Ling Zi would have accomplished in this world. May her sweet and bright influence travel for generations.
    Very touching .

  12. I am the only child in my familiy and a chinese girl studying abroad. After reading it, I cannot image that if my mum loses me… How painful the father is… Lingzi.. We will remember you…

  13. what a wonderful parents! Lingzi was really lucky to have you guys as her family. I couldn’t imagine how much it hurts for this family. May she rest in peace.

  14. Lu while in college in Beijing, China, volunteered at Junior Achievement China. At her young age, she showed that she cares! She left something good behind, JA China is part of her story and her legacy. We thank her deeply. We do everything for the benefits of the young people of China. She is one of us at JA China. Always!

  15. As a chinese student, i have read his moving eulogy four times with tears. I can not image what support a great father to finish tribute. wish lingzi rest in peace, god bless the parents.

  16. 我和令子是同一届的,希望令子走好,在另一个世界里开开心心的。Death is not the opposite of life, it exists as a part of it.

  17. To Lingzi’s father:
    May everthing goes well for Lingzi in heaven. May you and your family enjoy your future life. The wound would be healed as time goes by. Be strong. And I believe that Lingzi would always be with you. You are great parents.

  18. The father of Lingzi in old age can see life in this way ,will less suffer the truth of death since his daughter’ life he cares for will continue and will encourage most of us moving on.

  19. Talent and attactive, such a wonderful girl! I am sure during the 24 years of life, her life was full of love and pride, Wish no more pain in heaven. Rest in peace, Lingzi!

  20. 有些人热爱生活,全心全意地想要活得更精彩,但是上天却不给他们这个机会活下去。想想我们这些活着的人,还有什么理由虚度时光碌碌无为呢?还有什么理由在这人生有限的时光里不去活得更精彩呢?愿逝去的人在天堂里安息,愿还活着的人们珍惜这美好的时光。

  21. That day was my first working day in Hopkinton, MA. I sat there at the start point of malathon, can not image such a kind, beautiful girl would pass away at the end.
    really sad for you! God bless you in heaven!

  22. Lu while in college in Beijing, China, volunteered at Junior Achievement China. At her young age, she showed that she cares! She left something good behind, JA China is part of her story and her legacy. We thank her deeply. We do everything for the benefits of the young people of China. She is one of us at JA China. Always!

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