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There are 38 comments on Student Cyclist Killed on Comm Ave

  1. Mr. Weigl had accomplished so much in his short life. What a talent, and I know he wanted to do so much more. My heart goes out to him and to his family. I am deeply saddened for those whom loved him.

    There are way too many bicyclist and bus related accidents! I hope the City of Boston can do something to stop that from occurring anymore. Too many deaths – what a waste!

  2. Thank you for including the video done by his classmate. It is simply heart wrenching, but a beautiful tribute and opportunity to “meet” Christopher. Deepest sympathy for his grieving family.

  3. I had the honor to know Chris for the past few months. What an outstanding student and human being. He was talented and respectful to everyone around him. I will miss his visits to my office to talk about the latest cameras and photo equipment.

  4. I’m so sorry the world has lost this sensitive and thoughtful young man. I was a grad student at BU and sometimes rode my bike to classes…I wish for his family and friends to know that the world cares that we lost this young man. More should be done by the school to male cyclists and pedestrians safe. The campus is divided by a very busy road. Shouldn’t the school protect their students better? I’m so sorry for this loss and I wish the family peace, somehow.

    1. How could you honestly expect the school to do more? Is that everyone’s first reaction, blame the school?

      What would you like the school to do, buy Comm Ave and turn it in to a pedestrian mall?

    2. I think the university does do a lot with bike safety programs, awareness days/weeks, free helmets, etc, but at the end of the day, they can only do so much, the students are adults, and the City of Boston has control over all public roads like Comm Ave. If people want something done about the road (safer bike lanes, perhaps?), they should write to the mayor or governor, because those offices are the only ones that can do anything about Comm Ave. Short of prohibiting biking on campus–which I don’t think anyone wants–the university is already doing basically everything they CAN do.


      1. As the parent of a BU alum, I find this very disturbing. I see cyclists in NYC riding responsibly and irresponsibly all the time.
        It is time for BU to discourage students from riding on Comm Ave until there is a better solution. I am an avid cyclist, but safety comes first.

      2. I just would like it to be known that because of this tragedy, the Boston City Councilors had put bicycle safety put at the top of the agenda for their daily meeting hours after this occurred. They are discussing different tactics to rearrange the bike lanes and make them safer. One of these ideas being switching the parking lanes with the bike line – as such: sidewalk, bike lane, parking spots, travel lanes. If anyone is interested in these city meetings, you can find information online at CityofBoston.gov. The Boston City council meetings are open to the public and people are encouraged to attend.

        But unfortunately we must remember, tragedy can occur at any time. My thoughts are with Chris’ family and friends.

  5. I’ve met Chris just once, but I can assure you that this guy was a very talented photograph, always smiling and joking. All my condolensces to family and friends. I’m just speechless …

  6. My sympathies and prayers for both the families. May God give them strength during this difficult time! Two fatal accidents within a month is totally unacceptable. As a parent of a BU student, this greatly worries me and I hope all the colleges nearby, the BU officials as well as the BU community unite in their efforts in making the Boston streets safer for the students and take all necessary steps to make sure this never happens again.

    1. While BU can work to educate its students relative to safe cycling, there is little else it can do besides put pressure on the City of Boston to make the roads safer cyclists. Since the University doesn’t own Commonwealth Ave (nor 99% of the rest of the roads around campus), it can’t physically or legally do anything to make the streets safer.

  7. I am so saddened by Chris Weigl’s sudden death. This short video beautifully shows what kind of person he was. He was sensitive, passionate, exploratory, and hard working person that our BU community always wanted to have. My prayers are with his family who are grieving with loss, sadness, and confusion….

  8. What a terrible tragedy. Our hearts go out to everyone affected in this terrible event. We should honor this man’s memory by making sure that accidents like this don’t happen again. In the coming weeks we need to start to discuss how we can better ensure the safety of our city’s cyclists.

  9. This is beyond sad…to lose a son, a brother, a friend, so full of passionate purpose and talent. The world cries. His remarkable photos will endure and find an even higher purpose with time, I think.

    Rest well beautiful Chris, and may your family find peace.

  10. My deepest condolences to Chris’s family and frieds; I didn’t know Chris but I am sure I ran into him in the busy rush hours of BU between classes. What a wonderful person. Thank you so much for sharing his video. He’s a messenger from God and I am praying for his eternal rest in the Kindong of God. What a loss…We need to do something to protect the young lives of our students.

  11. Condolences to his family and friends. Such a sad thing at this time of year. Passing by the intersection this morning, I blessed myself and said a quick prayer. May you rest in peace.

  12. From the Creator we came, to the Creator we return, and in the Creator we put our trust. Prayers for the departed, his family and even the truck driver. Soooo sad.

  13. Thank you for moving his video to the very top of the page. His opening comments in the interview really characterizes his personality – and his easy laugh and easy smile should be everyone’s first introduction to him, in death as it was in life.

  14. This is a tragedy. Our condolences. Boston needs to go beyond adding lanes for cyclists. I hope some details will be released to help prevent future accidents — did the driver turn right when he should not have? did he not see the cyclist?

  15. How can life be so cruel? One minute you watch your son graduate from college and take a step into the real world to make a difference… How can we be so fragile, so momentary? I was on my way to work yesterday morning, I saw what happened, and now I am changed. I am still praying for Chris, his family, his teachers, his friends from BU, Skidmore, and all those who knew and cherished Chris. Perhaps it is time for Boston to target these areas with a high incidence of bicycle accidents. Build a concrete wall to shelter the riders, like the concrete walls sheltering the people waiting for the T. Maybe build a slightly raised path, that is chained, so bikers can have their own pathway. Everyone walks/runs/drives/bikes/buses/trains…everyone is in a rush…and for what? Maybe Chris and Victor can leave a legacy that will save future bikers?

  16. As a BU professor and mentor to many students (not in photojournalism though), I am very upset by this tragedy. It feels like something terrible that has happened to my own son.
    Will there be a memorial service for friends and BU colleagues? If so, I hope there will be a general announcement, or can a friend of his on this list please keep me posted?

  17. What a powerful video. I regret that I was never able to meet Chris, he seems like a beautiful person. It is an injustice that he is not able to continue touching the lives of so many around the world. Although I didn’t know him, and I am persuing a much different field that photojournalism, I strongly identify with his mission to find a story behind the faces of people around the world. I hope he knows that myself and countless others this story has touched will continue to carry out his mission and help him to keep leaving his mark on this world. Rest in peace, and prayers to the family of this wonderful person.

  18. I always admired Chris’s respect for others, both as a person and from behind his camera. He never felt to me to be ‘behind’ the camera, in fact, but really right there with his subjects, with you. And it’s terrifyingly sad to hear that he’s no longer here with us. I can barely imagine the grief those close with him must be feelings. Rest in peace, Chris.

  19. My most genuine, heartfelt sympathy goes out to Chris’ family, friends and classmates, as well as all those individuals affected by this tragedy. Although I don’t know any of you, I hope you know that you are in my prayers, and, as is evident by this string of responses, the prayers of many others.

    While we can’t make sense of something so terribly sad, I hope we can come together as a community to support those so deeply affected by Chris’ death. I hope that we may also work with our greater Boston community to figure out a way to prevent more of these devastating accidents from occurring.

  20. My heart breaks for Chris’ family. A few weeks ago my biking daughter was hit by a car at the same intersection. Thank God, she is ok. Tragically, Chris and Chung-Wei Yang were not so fortunate. I don’t know what the answer is but it is obvious that something needs to change before we lose more of our precious young people.

  21. Thoughts and prayers for the family,friends and Boston University community.
    There is the need to protect all, bicyclists and pedestrians, along the BU corridor. Hopefully BU police together with Boston police and community leaders will take corrective measures to enforce awareness of the bike lanes and pedestrians. There are signs to be aware of the T along the tracks at intersections, what about signs and lights along the Commomwealth for motorists to be aware of bikes and pedestrians..We all share the road and need to work together. May he rest in peace, but what a loss for the world as we grieve the loss.

  22. My heart aches for Chris ‘ family, friends, & colleagues. Sarah, thanks for letting us get a glimpse of what a wonderful spirit Chris was. Such a senseless tragedy and loss for so many. RIP Chris! prayers sent and for his family as well. God Bless.

  23. Such a tragedy, my heart goes out to his family, friends and the B.U. Community. The City of Boston absolutely needs to do something in order to keep the bikers, pedestrians and the motorists safe. I believe there needs to be more bike safety classes for everyone that is on the road. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the bikers, so therefore the bikers need to take more responsibility when it’s dark, and rainy. I check 3, 4 or 5 times in both my rear view, and side mirrors before making a turn because I’m so afraid that a biker is going to come out of nowhere, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be the cause of someone’s injuries or even death such as it was in this case. Also, the bikers need to have more courtesy for the pedestrians, I’ve seen two pedestrians knocked over by bikers who couldn’t be bothered to stop for them at a crosswalk, so the pedestrians are in danger of injuries from those on bikes that have no regard for them. It’s a dangerous situation all around, and everyone needs to pay extra attention to their surroundings when on the road whether it be a motorist, bicyclist, or a pedestrian for everyone’s safety. And, the bike paths that have been painted by the City of Boston up by the B.U. Bridge are an accident waiting to happen. May Chris rest in peace, another angel in heaven.

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