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There are 10 comments on For Suicide Survivors, Sharing Heals

  1. For those suffering from the loss of a family member or friend, while you never get over the loss, you can learn to live with it. Some people find it valuable to discuss their feeling with other survivors and your group should be commended for providing them this opportunity.

  2. I am not sure how, but I would like to see some focus on the other victims in suicide – those who killed themselves. It’s always about the survivors. We have this attitude about suicide that if we talk about it or those who did it we are encouraging it. I don’t see it that way. They were people. They had a story. Everyone who struggles with suicide has their own reasons, but for some it’s not feeling loved, wanted, forgotten, etc and then they die and it’s “oh they killed themselves, but it’s all about me. See what they did to me, love me hug me…” That was the initial problem for those who committed suicide. (This probably makes no sense to anyone.) I don’t see an answer to the problem. All some people want is a connection with other people. It should never surprise anyone I can tell you that. The signs are there. It is never a sudden thing. People don’t even read the signs on the highway telling them the left lane is closed and then they almost hit the barrels merging so I don’t expect them to see that someone is hurting. Then they will blame the barrels after! I also don’t think many have the capacity to care. Empathy is dead. It isn’t taught to children anyone more and they certainly aren’t learning it on their own. It makes us feel good to say we do care, but action is much louder than words. Caring always has conditions to – unconditional is very rare. “To feel loved.” Why is that so hard for this world? 7 billion people. It should be easier than you think. And what is this online vs offline world thing people have? I’m a person whether I am on here or in front of you. The Internet was supposed to connect us, bring us together and instead it has caused us to trust each other less and form less inclusive groups. Suicides tell us we as a society are doing something wrong. They are fallen soldiers and we need to take a good hard serious look at ourselves and ask what did I do? As harsh as that is. I hope this made some sense to someone. Thanks for reading anyone who is.

    1. i read this and i know what you are talking about. Last year i attempted suicide, got put in a psych ward, but at the end i think i “healed” too fast-or i didn’t really heal. But what you said about the connection with other people is true i may have and/or still have most of those problems, but i felt that no one loved me. I felt invincible, no one could see me.

    2. You are so RIGHT! I agree with every single word! I’m thinking about suicide a lot but never tried it and probably never will but its still there. And the worst thing is, that i know that im not the problem. The society is the problem. And i can change myself but i cant change society. And just as you said, what about the REAL VICTIMS? Those who had to KILL THEMSELVES because they were too lost? No one talks about them!! And even if im going through hell andd NOT harming myself, its not good enough also because ‘no one cares until its too late’ and in that case no one cares even when its too late. The society must WAKE UP!

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