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There are 37 comments on University Grads Rated Among World’s Most Employable

    1. This survey has nothing to do with SMG. It is a ranking of the global BU population (not school specific) relative to the global population of other universities.

      Go BU, all of us!

      SMG ’11

    1. Last time i checked SMG students are the ones complaining how hard it is to write a memo. 80% of the people i know in SMG spend their weekends taking pictures at nightclubs and getting drunk- if anything SMG drags BU down second to CGS

  1. I graduated from BU and still go to BU for graduate school. This survey really isnt a 100% reflection on students. BU having a strong international presence may be just as important. BU is known across the world and this being an international ranking is not really that surprising. Of course the students are a part of it so dont get me wrong….this crazy debate about SMG and other schools are ridiculous. We are great in business, communications, medical, dental, law, engineering, and health sciences. We all should be proud of this !

  2. In the past 5 years, who has received the sexiest offer from BU? You barely send a kid or two to wall street..no one goes into consulting, big 4 accounting is bs..i’ve worked w/ kids from BU…they are not too bright

      1. No, sorry engineers are busy; learning: how to actually advancing society so that: people who spend their time critiquing’ peoples sentences can, have good lives.

        You are very welcome

        – Proud ENG Student

        PS: sorry for the incorrect use of punctuation, that class overlapped with my calculus class

    1. And given the heart-warming statement you just made about our student population, and your apparent lack of courage in what you wrote, considering your preference of identifying yourself as “Anonymous” as opposed to your real name, it sounds like you are not too bright yourself.

  3. Justification for robbing me blind? Solid “proof” I will be employed promptly after graduation. Claims that the sea of people at BU are more desirable than a Brown Student, or basically any other student, sound like bullsh*t. If there is any real preparation, its in dealing with bureaucracy.

  4. As the father of a BU sophomore, I’m frankly astonished at the responses to this article. Why aren’t you all celebrating the extraordinary standing that BU has in the international business community? Life doesn’t come with guarantees or automatic job offers. However, international companies have choices–read The World is Flat for pity’s sake.

    The fact that BU is recognized so highly is freakin’ unbelievable! Do you have any idea how many schools, representing how many hundreds of thousands of students, would kill to be where BU is on the list?

    I certainly don’t know enough about their criteria–?rigorous admissions screening process, ?can survive snow, ?likes baked beans and lobstas, ?enjoys hockey–who cares? The point is that these international companies, who have got the world’s graduates to choose from, think the character(istics) of a BU student are more valuable than many other schools.

    It costs thousands of dollars to hire and train new employees, so the selection process is crucial. If these companies feel that BU students are preferred, who are we to argue? They are the ones making the job offers and paying the salaries. I, for one, am proud to have a son in BU.

  5. I can’t believe that so many students who attend BU are so negative about the school. If you are one of the above who feels it necessary, shame on you. My daughter attends and works very hard to get the grades she deserves, while interning and working part time to help out financially. If you do not like and/or appreciate the opportunity you have been given to attend a great school, GO HOME! There are plenty of other students who do not get in who would appreciate the opportunity. I must say, I feel that the negative comments come from those kids who have been raised with a real sense of “Entitlement”. The kids who have worked hard to get into the school and continue to work hard to complete their education, kudos to all of you! Great Job BU – keep it up!

  6. Talk to anyone who runs a successful company; where you went to school doesn’t mean a whole lot. Some of my best employees went to state. Ive hired state grads over ivy before too. Point being, BU is marketing this to jack up school cost on you kids, smarten up.

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