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There are 24 comments on What Would You Pay to Watch Dean Elmore Do?

  1. I would like to see Dean Elmore propose Idea to have International Student Cuisine day.

    Students from other country make signature dish to raise money for good cause.
    feed the hungry in our community.
    sell food to students, staff, faculty.
    let B.U community taste the talents of some of our students from other county.
    best dish would go to Dining Service Chef to prepare at any B.U event.
    give Chef family receipy to amke dish.

  2. How about paying him to act professional. Swallowing a goldfish? Jumping into a river with a tuxedo on? Are you serious? It sounds like he more of a ring leader at a circus then a dean of students. I understand hes funny and he trys to connect with the student body. But if the only way he can solicit a donation is by acting like a clown then I would rather not have that money coming into the school. Students should give donations because of the amazing experience they have at this university. If thats not enough to get a donation then we should seriously rethink how were doing business at BU.

    1. The challenge is actually for people to come up with anything they’d like to see happen if we hit the goal – not necessarily things that Dean Elmore will do. We’d love to make an impact, so feel free to contribute some ideas that you think would help us do that! Like you said, there many reasons why students should give, all of which will be shared with students throughout the year – this is just a fun way to kick off the campaign early on in the year. Thanks for your feedback!

    2. get the h out of here with your negaitivity DEan elmore is a proud man with morals and dignity and did nothing to you so why are you doing something to him? i bet you wouldn’t be tlaking tough like this to his face right?

      1. It has nothing to do with morals and dignity, it has to do with professionalism. And our Dean of Students, with these actions does not show any. Once again it all goes back to student experience. Our students should give back because of the amazing moments theyve had at this university. We should have a faculty that address our needs rather. Elmore should serve the student body and do everything he can for the best overall student experience for donations rather then parading around like a clown for a donation.
        And believe me the first emotion that comes out of me when I see him is laughter not fear Stanley

          1. @ Stanley

            I thinked you crossed as line with your suggestion that professional conduct needs to be defended in a boxing ring.

            If you can’t be respectful, at least have the respect not to threaten violence – even by implication – and remove your post.

            Good manners may be subtle, but they are free. Get some.

        1. Hey Megan, lighten up. Seriously. We pay $50,000+ a year to go to this school. If you add to that all the fines I have racked up over my four years here I would rather have one of my front teeth pulled than “donate” another dollar. However if Elmore wants to lighten the mood while lightening my accounts let him. Its FUN. If he’s going to do something thats crazy, stupid, or god forbid “unprofessional” thats his perogative. If you want to act all uptight with heir of entitlement and ban all this tom foolery then fill out for a transer and take the B-Line a few more stops to our friendly neighbors in Chestnut Hill

  3. lol what if he had to like run in the BOSTON MARATHON…ON STILTS. LOL. imagine seeing that, all these people running by and then this one guy on stilts it’d be funny. all the fans watching would be like “WTF?” “whys that guy on stilts?” and he’d prolly get LAST PLACE. lol. thumbs up if you agree.

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