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There are 16 comments on Facebook Got Me Fired

  1. I think companies has every right to say you can not do this otherwise you can not be part of this organization. Taking the perspective of your body. If you are sitting next to someone, and you hand and fingers inappropriately touch the person next to you. That person is not going to say, I am sorry but I am suing your fingers, that person is going to sue you. So just like an organization, what you do reflects upon them. So anything that can leave a trail, such as blogs, and social media. These things lives on while you don’t think about it. And it is like putting up a poster on city hall and never take it down.

    Not just organization, but what about your family. If you post inappropriate things on the internet. What if your old neighbor that still live next to your family think of your parents? Wouldn’t the neighbor think your parents did not teach you manners and self control adequately?

  2. It sounds like Colvin lied to his boss and was dumb enough to post proof of his lie on facebook. If you are “friends” with people at work why you would do that?

  3. “Does BU have an online behavior policy? We don’t, but there’s a draft. It’s in the works in the general counsel’s office.”

    I certainly hope this is an extremely limited document, focused on harassment and bullying, rather than “professional conduct.” The University does a great job of not interfering with the online activities of it’s Faculty, Staff and Students, and it would be a shame for it to take different direction.

  4. I’m glad to hear that BU is working on an on-line behavior policy. I think it should be incorporated into the new hire orientation. Also, there should be a way to educate the older generations of employees about netiquette who have not grown up using the Internet. I had an issue last year where a male new hire in his 50’s or 60’s contacted me via Facebook. When I brought up my concern to my 59 year old boss, she didn’t understand what the issue was.

  5. so that they can fire any university employee who publicly disagrees with the polices of Barack Obama? Would they like to rescind my degree while they’re at it?

  6. Colvin probably did not put the pics up himself. His friends did w/o realizing he lied to his boss or the repercussions of their actions.

    What’s wrong with a “male new hire in his 50’s or 60’s” contacting you via facebook? What if a younger female did? People have different criteria for making facebook friends.

  7. Just because someone’s phone number is listed in a phone book doesn’t mean they want to receive a random call from a co-worker. Just because someone has a Facebook profile doesn’t mean the person wants to be friended by co-workers.

  8. “What’s the difference between bad-mouthing your company at a dinner party and on Facebook? Is it that the comments live on?
    Exactly. It’s permanent.”

    Not true. Comments online can be deleted. Nothing’s permanent.

  9. I was just fired today after nearly 6 1/2 yrs of employment with a company based on a post I made on my page about how my boss was acting towards employees and making me feel. Not once did I mention her name or the name of the company. I have never been written up for anything and there was no discussion. I walked in, got told to turn in my keys and when I asked what I did wrong I was shown a copy of my post that had been printed up and asked if I thought it would go unseen. I pointed out that it was freedom of speech and that neither her nor the person who printed it up were friends of mine and that they had stalked me through someone else’s page to obtain it she quote a line from the post to me and informed me that it was insubordination and that I had undermined her to other employees. There has never been any discussion or rules set forth about what we can and cannot do in our own homes on our own computers on our free time.

  10. No do not think hat employers or school officials have any right to see what going on in your social networking profiles. I do not need my boss or college official snooping in any of my social networks, checking put what I am doing, or talking about between “my friends and family”, that is none of their concern. If anything they are looking to see how busy you, if you already have a handful they don’t want to hire you, you’re already too busy. Letting the boos and school official on to my social network is like inviting them into my home, letting them look around for a bit, the movies I like to watch, the food I like to eat. Personal life is separate from work life. How on handles situations at home may be different from work or school.
    Remember the time when none of this technology was even out. We went around talking openly to each other about things we liked or didn’t, we talk behind others back, because that’s what people did. Is it Consequence now because what we say can be proven right or wrong? What if one of my social networks got jacked, someone else was controlling my everyday life. Am I still at fault? I might as well bring my diary so they could read it.

  11. I was fired for posting the following statements on facebook” your boss can make or break you”, ” we live in a cruel world,a work were two face and backstabbers are all over the show ” and ” lord grant me the serenity to accept other people’s kak moods and backstabbing . Give me the wisdom to focus on why my company appointed me”. I don’t have my company listed on my profile and also have private settings . After 14 yrs with the company I was fired for Gross Misconduct that I make defamatory remarks of my boss, my colleagues and my company. I didn’t mentioned any names but the company argues that because I have work colleagues on my account they can make a clear connection at what company I’m working. I’m fighting it further at the arbitration court.

  12. I posted a comment on my fb a few weeks ago when I found out my work were changing the pay system, and I didn’t agree with it. It was sort of a rant but I didn’t mention the company name or any employees/my boss’s name. My boss now knows about the post because someone has shown him it (a co worker) and he wants to ‘have a word about it’. I don’t want to lose my job and I’m actually scared of having this talk because I am intimidated by him. The rant wasn’t soley about work. It included other things from my day to day life and how it’s adding to my frustrations, and the issue with work was just one frustration. Judging by this, what could happen in terms of my position at work? Can he sack me?

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