Meet Katie Bailey

Katie Bailey wants to study aerospace engineering while maintaining a good social life.

July 31, 2006
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Name: Katie Bailey
From: Benton, Arkansas
School: College of Engineering
Major: Aerospace engineering
What convinced you to go to BU?

I wanted to go to school in the Northeast, and Boston University has my major.
What are you most excited about coming to college?

I can’t wait to be in Boston with people from every background.

What are you most nervous about coming to college? 

I’ve never gone to a school with more than a few hundred people, so BU will be quite a change.
What kinds of activities do you want to become involved in?

I want to be involved in the Greek life at BU, as well as a dance organization.
What courses are you interested in taking?

Engineering courses like robotics, calculus II, and other math courses.
What is one of the goals of your first year at BU?

I want to focus on keeping my grades up while maintaining a good social life.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I spent the last two years of high school at an advanced school, and I lived there away from home. It was very challenging; a lot of kids didn’t make it to graduation, so I’m proud of myself for making it through to the end.
What will be your first stop when you start exploring the city of Boston?

Newbury Street. I love to shop.
How are you spending your summer vacation?

I’m working a little here and there and relaxing before school starts.

What’s one interesting thing about yourself?

I love changing my hair. I usually don’t keep it the same for more than a few months.

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Meet Katie Bailey