Charles Glenn lectures around the world on education

Charles Glenn lectures around the world on education.

January 23, 2006
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Charles Glenn

Charles Glenn, a School of Education professor, spent several weeks this fall attending and speaking at conferences abroad, most recently in Jakarta, Indonesia, on December 5 at the International Conference on the Right to Basic Education as a Fundamental Human Right. He was one of five foreign experts asked to speak at the conference by the Indonesian government.

In addition to his presentation, titled Right to Basic Education and Equality of Education Opportunities, Glenn spoke with Indonesian government officials about finding candidates for the Stephens Scholarship, a grant Boston University offers Indonesian graduate students studying at the School of Education. “I believe we will see a great deal of interest in BU from Indonesians in the months ahead,” Glenn says.

Glenn, who has written 9 books and more than 100 essays on educational history and comparative policy, is chairman of the SED department of administration, training, and policy, as well as a Fellow of the University Professors Program. In November he traveled to Brazil, France, Switzerland, and Belgium to lecture on education.


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Charles Glenn lectures around the world on education

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