Sara Wermiel

Lecturer, Preservation Studies Program

  • Title Lecturer, Preservation Studies Program
  • Education PhD, History of Technology/Urban History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
    MUP, Urban Planning, Design & Development, Hunter College;
    BA, Oberlin College

Research Areas: novel building assemblies and materials, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; fire-resistive construction and life safety; construction industry – general contractors; building typologies: warehouses, lighthouses, textile mills.

Selected Publications:

Lighthouses, W. W. Norton/Library of Congress Visual Sourcebooks in Architecture, Design & Engineering (2006).

Army Engineers’ Contribution to the Development of Iron Construction in the Nineteenth Century, Public Works Historical Society (2002).

The Fireproof Building: Technology and Public Safety in the Nineteenth-Century American City, The Johns Hopkins University Press (2000).

“Introduction of the Rolled I-beam in the U.S.A. in the 1850s, Revisited,” James Campbell et al., eds., Iron, Steel and Buildings … Proceedings of the Seventh Conference of the Construction History Society (CHS, 2020).

“Fire escapes,” The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia (2019)

“Emergence of heavy contracting in the United States in the nineteenth century.” In Building Knowledge, Constructing Histories vol. 2. London: Taylor & Francis Group (2018).

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