Channon Miller

“Migrant Black Mothers: Intersecting Burdens, Resistance and the Power of Cross-Ethnic Ties”
BA in American Studies, Trinity College
MA in American Studies, Boston University

I am a PhD candidate in the American and New England Studies program from Hartford, Connecticut and an alum of Trinity College (CT). My dissertation, “Migrant Black Mothers,” asserts that the seeds of a vigorous black counterpublic are ever-present on the borderlands of cross-ethnic interaction. Moreover, I declare that these seeds are planted by black women. The dissertation explores the lived realities of native and foreign-born black mothers beginning in the 1980s and brings my analysis down to the present. I shed light on the spaces in which interethnic ties are present and suggest that their border crossing effectively challenges the intersecting oppressions of race, gender and class and its amplification in the “post-racial” context.

More broadly, my scholarship and teaching applies an interdisciplinary lens to African American History, Black Women’s History, Literature and Culture, as well as Black Feminist Thought. 

I am currently a Predoctoral Fellow in the Program in Women’s and Gender Studies at MIT, within their School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.