American Studies for the Future

Presented by the American & New England Studies Program

February 9, 2023

Both of these events will be held remotely on Zoom. Registration is required for all attendees and is separate for each event (see links below).

2:00 PM: Seminar with Ianna Hawkins Owen (BU, English) and Christina Sharpe (York University), responding. In this seminar, we will discuss a pre-circulated paper by Prof. Owen entitled “Sweating Diaspora.”

Register here for the seminar. Only registrants will receive the pre-circulated paper.

5:00 PM: Public talk with Christina Sharpe, “Ordinary Notes.”

Register here for the lecture.

April 20, 2023

4:00 PM: Keynote with Anita Patterson (BU English)

**The April 20 keynote will be held only in person and will be followed by the end-of-the-year AMNESP reception.

Please email with any questions.


Previous Programs:


February 10

2:00 PM: Seminar with Ross Barrett (BU, History of Art), and Alan Braddock (William & Mary) responded. In this seminar, we discussed a pre-circulated paper by Prof. Barrett entitled “Painting and Property on Prout’s Neck.”

5:00 PM: public lecture by Alan Braddock, “Black Landscapes: Artistic Origins of Environmental Justice and Dilemmas of Decolonization.”

March 3

2:00 PM; Seminar with Paula Austin (BU, History & Af-Am Studies), and Cheryl Hicks (University of Delaware) responded. In this seminar, we discussed a pre-circulated paper by Prof. Austin entitled “‘Thugs in Uniform or Why Must Such Extreme and Fatal Force Be Used’: Black DC’s Campaign to End Police Violence 1919 – 1970.”

5:00 PM; public lecture by Cheryl Hicks, “‘A Woman of This Stamp’: Sexual Politics and Black Progressive-Era Activism.”

April 21

4:00pm; Keynote Address by André de Quadros (BU, Music), “The Exilic Condition in America: A Personal Encounter with Power, Asymmetry, and Border Crossings.”


November 8, 2022

2:00 PM, Seminar with Andrew Robichaud (BU History) discussing a pre-circulated chapter, “Frozen Time: Ice and the Political Economy of Dead Meat,” with Walter Johnson (Harvard University) responding.

5:00 PM, Public talk with Walter Johnson, “John Brown’s Economy.”