Undergraduate Program

BA in American Studies | Undergraduate Minor

Undergraduates interested in exploring American culture and society have multiple options for developing a flexible, interdisciplinary, student-centered curriculum. While earning a BA or minor in American & New England Studies, students develop the skills and foundational knowledge needed to pursue careers in journalism, education, public humanities, law, communications, business, and other fields.

Graduate Programs

MA in Preservation Studies

The Preservation Studies Program trains students for productive careers working in historic preservation and the stewardship of cultural resources and heritage. Boston and New England have historically stood out as leaders of the national historic preservation movement. Successful, environmentally minded, stewardship of historic buildings is part of the institutional DNA of Boston University; the Preservation Studies Program draws inspiration and vitality from the rich context. Students in the program learn preservation in the classroom and through hand’s-on preservation planning, historical research and exploration. They study the built environment and cultural landscape through courses taught by leading experts who teach in departments across the University and numerous professionals who do amazing work in regional and national preservation field.

PhD in American Studies

Graduates of the American & New England Studies Program use their training to build careers in which they achieve notable goals. They fill teaching positions in institutions of higher learning throughout the region, across the United States, and around the globe including Yale University, Dartmouth College, the University of North Carolina, and Sophia University in Japan. Other alumni hold significant curatorial and administrative positions at leading museums, public history sites, and cultural institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Museum, the New York State Historical Association, the Shelburne Museum, and Mystic Seaport.