MA in Preservation Studies Admissions

The MA in Preservation Studies program accepts students for both the fall and spring semesters. The fall deadline is April 15, and the spring deadline is November 15. Applicants can access the online application from the Graduate School site: Online application form.

The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences does offer Application Fee Waivers for individuals who participate in specific programs or are from under-represented  groups or low-income backgrounds. Please visit the GRS website to see if you qualify and apply for the fee waiver. More information on financial aid for the MA in Preservation Studies can be found here.

MA in Preservation Studies

Candidates for admission with degrees in a variety of fields are encouraged to apply. Common undergraduate majors include history, architecture and landscape architecture, art history, creative arts, archaeology, anthropology, public history, American studies, architectural studies, urban planning, global studies, environmental studies, design, economics, law, and business administration. Although many students apply to the program directly from undergraduate work, a significant number of students have pursued careers or post-graduate education before enrolling. We make every effort to accommodate applicants who may be returning to study after a period of time spent away from the academy.

JD/MA in Law & Preservation Studies

Students first must apply to, and be accepted by, the School of Law. For application procedures for the School of Law, please consult the School of Law website. Once students are accepted to the School of Law, they then must submit a separate application to, and be accepted by, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Students normally apply to GRS during their first year of law school to begin the master’s degree program during their second year of law studies. For more information, see the Dual JD/MA portion of our website.