Algorithmic Lens on Biology Laboratory

Welcome to the Algorithmic Lens on Biology Laboratory!

Our lab conducts theoretical, experimental, and computational work aimed at understanding the nature of cellular pathways and the principles of tissue organization. But we go about this in a peculiar way!Where technologies exist, but cannot be pushed to the scales necessary for comprehensive interrogation of cellular and tissue organization, our work uses a fundamentally different approach to experimental design that is informed by a deep understanding of modern statistics and biology. Rather than each biological variable being measured or perturbed individually – which becomes impossible if one tries to measure every mRNA molecule over a large tissue volume, or to perturb every combination of hundreds or thousands of genes – our work implements the mathematical foundations of learning with random and low-dimensional features in biological experimental designs. We make particular use of random composite experiments, which reflect the average outcome of random subsets of “normal” experiments.

We are actively recruiting PhD students and Postdocs! Please get in touch if you are interested in joining!

Our lab is co-located in the Center for Computing and Data Sciences (above) and the Biological Design Center in the Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering (below).