John Stone

Professor of Sociology

  • Title Professor of Sociology
  • Office Sociology 281
  • Phone 617.358.2387
  • Education Ph.D., Oxford University (1970)

Curriculum Vitae


John Stone’s research interests focus on comparative race and ethnic relations, international migration, social change and sociological theory. He is the founder editor of Ethnic and Racial Studies (Routledge, 1978).


2010. Stone, John and Xiaoshuo Hou.  “Alexis de Tocqueville in the twenty-first century: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?” Theory and Society Vol. 39 pp. 109-118.

2010. Stone, John and Rizova, Polly.  “Race, Ethnicity and Nation” in The International Studies Compendium Project, edited by Patrick James: (Vol IX pp 6020-37) ISA-Blackwell.

2003. Stone, John and Rutledge, Dennis.  Race and Ethnicity: Comparative and Theoretical Approaches. Blackwell.

1985. Racial Conflict in Contemporary Society. Harvard University Press.

1982. Stone, John and Mennell, Stephen.  Alexis de Tocqueville on Democracy, Revolution and Society. Chicago University Press.

1977. Race, Ethnicity and Social Change. Wadsworth.

1973. Colonist or Uitlander? A Study of the British Immigrant in South Africa. Oxford University,  Clarendon Press.

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