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  • OTP NS 403: Naval Operations & Seamanship
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: OTP NS 204
    A capstone course for senior midshipmen in advanced navigation, communications, naval operations, and naval warfare. Students learn through simulation in a computer classroom. Prereq: NS202 FALL Semester
  • OTP NS 404: Leadership & Ethics
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: OTP NS 203
    Analyzes ethical decision - making and leadership principles. Students read and discuss texts written by such philosophers as Aristotle, Kant and Mill to gain familiarity with the realm of ethical theory. Students then move on to case studies in which they apply these theories to resolve moral dilemmas. Provides a basic background in the duties and responsibilities of a junior division and watch officer; strong emphasis on the junior officer's responsibilities in training, counseling, and career development. Student familiarization with equal opportunity and drug/alcohol rehabilitation programs. Principles of leadership reinforced through leadership case studies. SPRING Semester.
  • OTP NS 410: Fundamentals of Maneuver Warfare
    The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the United States Marine Corps' historical operating concepts as well as the employment of current doctrine known as Maneuver Warfare. The class utilizes both historical examples from past military campaigns and also the current Marine Corps doctrine and philosophy to increase the student's critical thinking and decision making ability. The intent of the course is to create future leaders capable of identifying and solving complex problems in future operating environments across the spectrum of conflict. Module one outlines the fundamental concepts and themes of Maneuver Warfare. Module two articulates and describes the Marine Corps current warfighting doctrine. Module three describes the Marine Corps future operating concept and advancement of warfighting doctrine.
  • OTP NS 411: Naval Leadership Lab
    Required of all Naval Science Seniors - FALL Semester
  • OTP NS 412: Naval Leadership Lab
    Required of all Naval Science Seniors - SPRING Semester