Combined MD/JD

The combined MD/JD links the MD degree with intensive training in the law, providing a full JD with an additional focus in the health sector. This six-year program is designed for students interested in both medicine and the legal aspects of medicine. Completion of the law degree will prepare graduates of the dual degree program for careers in health law practice, as well as healthcare systems and healthcare policy, in both government and private sectors. Graduates of the program will also gain the qualifications to practice law and/or medicine, depending on their career direction.

Learning Outcomes


Students will:

  • Possess knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural law;
  • Possess the ability to perform:
    • Legal analysis and reasoning
    • Legal research
    • Problem-solving
    • Written communication in the legal context
    • Oral communication in the legal context;
  • Understand the exercise of proper professional and ethical responsibilities to clients and the legal system; and
  • Demonstrate the professional skills of collaboration, counseling, and negotiation needed for competent and ethical participation as a member of the legal profession. All students will also demonstrate a basic understanding of business fundamentals and be able to read and understand basic financial documents.


Students will:

  • Behave in a caring, compassionate, and sensitive manner toward patients and colleagues of all cultures and backgrounds (Patient Care and Professionalism);
  • Use the science of normal and abnormal states of health to prevent disease, to recognize and diagnose illness, and to provide an appropriate level of care (Medical Knowledge; Patient Care);
  • Communicate with colleagues and patients to ensure effective inter-professional medical care (Interpersonal and Communication Skills; Patient Care);
  • Act in accordance with the highest ethical standards of medical practice (Professionalism);
  • Review and critically appraise biomedical literature and evidence for the purpose of ongoing improvement of the practice of medicine (Practice-based Learning and Improvement; Medical Knowledge);
  • Exhibit commitment and aptitude for lifelong learning and continuing improvement (Practice-based Learning); and
  • Support optimal patient care through identifying and using resources of the healthcare system (Systems-based Practice; Patient Care).

Degree Requirements

The MD/JD program is conducted under the joint auspices of the BU Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine and the School of Law. Students spend the first three years on the medical school curriculum and the fourth and fifth years fully integrated into the JD program at the School of Law during the fall and spring semesters, while continuing to complete rotations in the summer terms as a medical student. During those two years, they complete most of the JD education. In the sixth year, students complete their remaining medical courses in the fall and JD credits in the spring.

To earn both degrees, students must successfully complete the required classroom and clinical coursework for the MD and the required coursework for the JD. Students must earn the grade of Pass or Honor in all MD courses and achieve a final grade point average of 2.3 (on a scale of 4.0) in their JD courses.

The MD is awarded by the Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine and the JD by the School of Law.


Eligibility requirements for the MD/JD program are the same as the traditional MD program (course requirements, MCAT) plus the requirements for the JD program (including taking the LSAT, consistent with most MD/JD programs).


Students will submit separate applications to the Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine and the School of Law. Applicants should attach a letter to both applications stating that they are applying to the combined MD/JD program. It is also possible for students to apply for the MD/JD program after they have begun medical school.