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Final Quiz for the Class of 2019: What Will You Miss Most about BU?

Answers: the Howard Thurman Center, the BU Beach, friends who became family—oh, and the BUMPlings

The graduating seniors of the Class of 2019 have begun the countdown to the goal they’ve been aiming at for four years. Final exams end on Friday, Senior Week activities kick off Saturday, and then it’s the big one—BU’s 146th Commencement, on Sunday, May 19. In keeping with tradition, BU Today stopped by Senior Breakfast earlier this month to ask some of our nascent grads to share what they’ll miss most about BU.

Many spoke about specific places—the BU Beach, the Esplanade, and Panda Express, for example. Others gave shout-outs to student clubs and organizations that have had a pivotal role in their lives. And not surprisingly, many said that above anything else, what they’ll miss most are the friendships made here.

To each member of this year’s graduating class, we extend our best wishes.

Find more information about Commencement on the Commencement website.

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Cydney Scott, photographer and photojournalist
Cydney Scott

Cydney Scott can be reached at cydscott@bu.edu.

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