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Five Tips for Moving Out

It’s never easy, but this advice may make it simpler


May 13. That’s when BU’s residence halls close. That’s when you have to be out—yes, with all your stuff. Here, then, are five tips to make things a little easier.

1. Start packing early

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Now would be good. Are you really going to wear those winter coats, boots, and scarves again? Look at it this way: packing is a useful alternative to studying. That’s alternative, not substitute.

2. Clean out for a good cause

Clean out for a good cause

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When clearing out your closet, make an effort to edit your wardrobe. Saving space by pulling aside old clothes can make the move easier while benefiting a good cause. Donation boxes will be set up around campus dorms to take extra clothes, furniture, and more from departing Terriers.

3. Recruit your friends

Recruit your friends

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Some Terriers may have parents in their moving crew; most need an extra set of hands. Reach out to neighbors and friends. Offering pizza or snacks and helping your helpers move in return are time-honored ways to get the job done.

4. Store your big items

Store it.

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Most all students have bulky or heavy items, like televisions, printers, and winter jackets, on hand during the school year, but these can be tough to transport back home. Luckily for those returning in the fall, BU has partnered with UPS for student storage, just the answer for items not needed in the summer months.

5. Set your alarm

Set your alarm clock

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On moving day, the early bird gets the worm. While the dorms are well equipped to help the thousands of students heading home, lines for an elevator can fill up quickly. Check with your residence hall to see how soon you can turn in your keys and head out for that much-deserved vacation.

Connor Lenahan can be reached at lenahan@bu.edu.

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