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What to do in a blizzard: s’mores, Game of Thrones marathons, snow angels


What’s a studious person to do when the snow piles up, blanketing the Charles River Campus with two feet of freezing fluff? Some saw the storm, which closed the Charles River Campus on Friday, as an admonition from Mother Nature to stay inside and focus on homework. Others felt an urge to get outside, lie in the two-foot deep covering and make snow angels.

Jennifer Zimmerman (CAS’13) was one of those who did both. “I read some of Frederick Douglass’ autobiography for class. Then actually Saturday my suite-mates and I contracted minor cabin fever after having spent most of Friday inside. We went out to survey the damage and enjoy ourselves a little in the snow. Definitely revisited our childhoods.”

For Nina Hrebenko (CAS’13) the Blizzard of ’13 meant s’mores first, snowball fights second. “We barricaded ourselves in StuVi all weekend,” says Hrebenko. “We baked s’mores in the oven until the wind really picked up and we braved the weather to go to Nickerson. We went to the top of the bleachers, had a mini snowball fight. We barely got back.”

Katherine Law (CAS’13) preferred to take a spectator’s role at snowball fights, which erupted on and off campus. “My boyfriend and I walked up and down the Esplanade and watched all the snowball fights,” says Law. “Today we had friends over for blizzard pancakes! Oh, and on Friday we had a Game of Thrones marathon. That was perfect for when it was snowing too hard for the outside to be enjoyable.”

A grand snow battle was fought Friday night, when a large crowd of snowball-happy students spilled from Bay State Road onto the Esplanade. The Quad reports that by 9 p.m. on Friday, more than 2,000 students had responded to a Facebook invite to the epic snow brawl. In the end, several hundred students reportedly braved the driving snow, and tossed snowballs in all directions until police arrived about 10:30 p.m. One student was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Erin Thibeau (CAS’13) contributed to this article. She can be reached at ethibeau@bu.edu; follow her on Twitter @erinthibeau.

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