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Student Union’s new Suite of Services to make life easier for students


With finals week fast approaching, anything to simplify life on campus is a welcome relief to students.

Last week, the Student Union released what it is billing as a new Suite of Services on its website, designed to make it easier for students to navigate everyday issues on campus. The services have four features: Textswap, the BUS Tracker, What’s Open Now? and a new Student Union blog and intro page.

The Textswap feature makes it easier for students to buy, sell, and swap textbooks by trading directly with one another through an online service. Not only is it cheaper than buying new books, but it also allows students to review the books’ condition before purchasing. And who knows, there may even be some helpful notes in the margins.

The BUS Tracker feature, an extension of the current online system, is designed to ensure that you won’t be late to your finals. By texting 4-FIND-BU-BUS, you’ll get a response detailing the next stop for all running buses as well as the next scheduled departure from West Campus.

Looking to find late night study locations, recreation activities, or where you can get food on or off campus? What’s Open Now? promises to provide helpful hints.

Finally, the Student Union will be launching a new blog and intro page with regular updates from senators, cabinet members, and committees. Daniel Ellis (CAS’11), Student Union executive vice president, predicts “a lot of great content.” The blog is designed to keep students better informed about the organization.

You can access the Student Union’s Suite of Services here.

Brittney McNamara can be reached at bmcnamar@bu.edu.

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