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Shark Attack!

3-D close-up of the ocean’s most feared predator at MOS


If you missed the shark sightings on Cape Cod this summer or failed to catch Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, don’t despair. There’s still time to catch The World of Sharks at the Museum of Science. The 3-D film offers viewers a unique opportunity to go face-to-face with species like the great white and the lesser-known whale shark. Swim at your own risk, though: things end tragically for an innocent sea lion when a great white goes in search of dinner.

The World of Sharks is playing at the Museum of Science 3-D Digital Cinema, 1 Science Park, Boston, through September 10. Find a schedule of show times or purchase tickets here.

Dan Mercurio can be reached at dmerc@bu.edu.


2 Comments on Shark Attack!

  • Anonymous on 08.18.2010 at 8:24 am

    hype about sharks

    As an experienced scuba diver, I can’t emphasize enough that sharks are beautiful creatures. As predators in the ocean’s food chain, they serve an appropriate role. Sea lions regularly kill and eat fish, and killer sharks fulfill their job. The hype that surrounds them has misled the public that these creatures are just lurking in the shallows to devour people and even small boats (Jaws). By stimulating fears about sharks, we encourage their elimination. The killing of these gorgeous, unique animals makes about as much sense as killing dolphins, sting rays, and barracudas. We should appreciate their beauty and discourage unreasonable fears about them that the media causes.

  • Anonymous on 08.18.2010 at 9:44 am

    I share your enthusiasm . My education about sharks began when my brother and I participated in the “Shark Dive” program at Sea World. Very little is known about sharks. We don’t know how long they live. Breeding and birth has not been witnessed.

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