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Best in sports: Parachutes and wristbands put XC runners “in the zone”


In the slide show above, runners Mollie Zapata (CAS’09) and David Proctor (SAR’08) explain how they prepare for race day.

Boston University had its share of big sports winners this past year, and BU Today covered it all. We had stories about athletes breaking records, winning trophies, even going pro. But many of our favorite sports stories are quieter, smaller in a way, more inward, about personalities and quirks and challenges that don’t usually make headlines. Those are the ones we thought we’d return to this week: remarkable athletes in more intimate contexts.

Whether it involves pushing your body to the limit in the final stretch of a sprint or maintaining the composure necessary to make that last-gasp, game-winning shot, sports are as much a contest of the mind as of the body. Yet we rarely hear about the mental regimens that athletes use to maintain mental and emotional focus.

Track and cross country runners Mollie Zapata (CAS’09) and David Proctor (SAR’08) talk about the importance of prerace routines to performing at peak.

Edward A. Brown can be reached at ebrown@bu.edu.

This story originally ran November 24, 2008.


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  • David Abreu on 07.07.2009 at 11:12 am

    I’m an incoming freshman and want to walk onto the men’s crew team. I just gotta say Wow, that was really inspiring. Nice clip.

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