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T Minus 30 and Looking Good

Terriers get the feel of the ice at Verizon Center


The gunshot-like sound of pucks slamming boards echoes through the almost empty arena. The team flows through drills with a precision earned from thousands of hours, tens of thousand of passes. The coach yells. A defenseman hollers encouragement.

Then silence.

Just over 30 hours before face-off against the UVM Catamounts in the Terriers’ first NCAA semifinal game in 12 years, the BU icemen look, well, ready, during yesterday’s hour-long practice  at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

By the time the Terriers leave the ice, they can see their breath. Steam rises like smoke from their shoulders. From a distant corner of the vast Verizon Center, someone shouts out two words: “Go BU.”

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