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One Final Note to the Class of 2008

Year in Review: 2008


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Through December 24, BU Today is looking back at the mostpopular stories of the year. We’ll be back with new stories for the newyear on Monday, January 5. Happy holidays!

The campus is buzzing. Undergrads are selling off textbooks and packing up computers, professors are grading finals and booking flights, and BU Facilities Management is working at warp speed to prepare for Sunday’s Commencement ceremonies.

But don’t panic, Class of 2008. BU Today wouldn’t let you leave without a few words of advice from some of the people you’ve come to know well. So, in addition to everything you’ve learned from all of those books and Web sites and lectures and labs . . .

Devin Hahn can be reached at dhahn@bu.edu.

This story originally ran May 12, 2008.

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