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Carly Sherwood (ENG’08) is among the ENG students giving presentations at the biomedical engineering department’s Senior Project Conference today

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Carly Sherwood has a tough task today: she must condense a year of research into a nine-minute presentation for the College of Engineering biomedical engineering department’s 23rd Annual Senior Project Conference.

But Sherwood (ENG’08) is excited about the event. “All year I’ve heard bits and pieces from friends on their projects,” she says, “so it’s nice to see the final product.”

More than 75 students will participate in the conference, which runs from 7:45 a.m. until closing remarks at 5:50 p.m. at BU’s Photonics Center. All biomedical engineering seniors are required to participate.

Students began their research by choosing from a variety of topics compiled by faculty members in the department of biomedical engineering and the School of Medicine and representatives of Boston laboratories. They learned how to identify research and design goals and about methodologies, technical writing, and presentations.

Sherwood chose her research topic, Monitoring Apoptosis with Light Scattering Measurements, after a summer internship in cancer research.

“I was constantly working on apoptosis — or programmed cell death — experiments,” she says, “and then I saw this project when I came back to school.” Sherwood plans to work at the Institute for Systems Biology, in Seattle.

Kimberly Cornuelle can be reached at kcornuel@bu.edu.

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