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GSU elevator service notice


By Grant Hutchinson

The passenger elevator in the George Sherman Union has been taken offline for maintenance purposes until March 1, 2009. Facilities Management and Planning and Otis Elevator are in the process of replacing the entire passenger elevator — carriage and mechanics — to alleviate mechanical problems anticipated with the elevator’s age.

Facilities Management, along with the George Sherman Union administration, have made accommodations for University community members with mobility concerns to use the freight elevators located throughout the building. Signs at the building’s front entrance will direct people to the first floor passenger elevator, where there is an assistance button. Push the assistance button and wait at that location for a member of the George Sherman Union staff to meet you, escort you onto the freight elevator, and accompany you to your floor.

To take the elevator from an upper floor, go to that floor’s freight elevator and press the assistance button to summon a member of the George Sherman Union staff to assist you. Members of the staff are available to help you find the freight elevator. Additionally, you can ask the office you are visiting to call for an elevator operator to meet you.

In addition, several members of the professional staff of offices located in the GSU are licensed elevator operators and can assist you onto the freight elevator if needed. Ask the office you are visiting if there is an operator on staff to assist you.

The timing of the project within the University calendar was carefully considered. The George Sherman Union is the center of University activity, both during and outside of the academic year. Studies of activity in the GSU have noted that the period of finals and intersession have the least building traffic, so the project was scheduled for this time. Because of the sheer size of the University’s summer orientation programs, which take place almost exclusively in the GSU, the summer could not be considered for the 12-week project.

During the elevator replacement project, we ask that members of the University community without mobility concerns refrain from using the freight elevator unless absolutely necessary to ensure that we can best serve those not physically able to use the stairs. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience as we make needed improvements to the George Sherman Union.


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  • Anonymous on 12.10.2008 at 3:56 pm

    3+ months? Really…? How about modern elevator installation techniques while you’re at it?

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