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This week, Boston University Police Chief Thomas Robbins recommends that students keep and eye on their laptops and mp3 players or lock them up. “Remember to not leave personal property unattended in any public areas,” Robbins says.

The BUPD crime log for February 23 through March 8 is below. The next campus crime log will appear on Wednesday, April 9.

2:50 AM 3/23/2008 Sun MEDICAL ASSIST / ALCOHOL Judicial Referral

Officers Brandon Stone and Melissa Lombardo were dispatched for a report of an intoxicated disorderly male in the lobby. On arrival officers located the subject lying on the floor in the lobby. At this time, Officer Peter McCarron also responded to assist. Once the victim was woken up, he appeared to be heavily intoxicated with red glassy eyes, strong odor of alcohol coming from his person, and slow inappropriate speech. At this time, Mercy ambulance responded and transported the victim to St. Elizabeth’s.

3 PM 3/22/2008 Sat B&E DAYTIME FOR FELONY c266 S18 Open
275 BABCOCK ST Residential DORM ROOM

Officer Anicet Dybantsa responded for a report of a past larceny. Upon arrival he met with the victim who stated that he stepped out of his room at 3:00 PM and when he returned at 3:35 PM he discovered his laptop computer and iPod were both missing. There was no sign of forced entry on the door and the victim stated that he had left his door open during the time of the theft. The victim reports that his Apple MacBook Pro, valued at $2,000.00 and his Apple iPod, valued at $250.00 were stolen.

2:28 AM 3/22/2008 Sat MEDICAL ASSIST / ALCOHOL Judicial Referral

Officer Brandon Stone for a female passed out. Upon arrival met with the victim who was conscious and stated that she had been drinking too much vodka throughout the night. The victim had vomited several times. Mercy A104 arrived transported the victim to the Beth Israel Hospital for further evaluation.

10:20 PM 3/21/2008 Fri DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY -$250, MALICIOUS Court Summons
225 BAY STATE RD Commercial LOBBY

Officer Alex Ayochok was dispatched for a report of glass breaking. Officers Diane Smith, Ciaran D’Arcy and Tom Smith also responded to the scene. Upon arrival, he spoke with the reporting person, who stated that while standing outside of the building he heard the sound of glass breaking near the front door of the building. He then walked to where he heard the sound coming from and observed the suspect, standing near a broken light and then run from the area. THE SUSPECT was observed running outbound on the sidewalk along Commonwealth Ave. and eventually stopped in front of 745 Commonwealth Av. The reporting party responded and positively identified THE SUSPECT as the person he observed standing near the broken light. THE SUSPECT was also observed bleeding from his right arm. THE SUSPECT was questioned as to his recent whereabouts and did voluntarily admit that he had been drinking at 225 Bay State Rd. and did break a glass light fixture located next to the front door of the same location. THE SUSPECT declined any medical treatment or care. A Warrant check of THE SUSPECT was met with negative results. THE SUSPECT will be summonsed to appear at Roxbury District Court for Malicious Destruction of Property Under $250.

4:30 PM 3/7/2008 Fri B&E DAYTIME FOR FELONY Open

Officer Ciaran D’Arcy was dispatched for a past B&E. Upon arrival he spoke with the victim who stated that three items were stolen from the Sacristy. The victim states he last saw his clothes on 3/07/2008 at 4:30 PM and discovered the items were missing on 3/21/2008 at 11:30 PM. The victim states was away for a week and then sick which is why the theft took so long to discover. The Sacristy is normally locked when not in use. The victim stated that a black cowl, valued at $150.00, a black cincture (belt), valued at $35.00 and a black overlay, valued at $125.00 were taken.

7:36 AM 3/20/2008 Thu RECOVER VEHICLE / STOLEN OUT Closed

Officer Anicet Dybantsa was dispatched to investigate on a motor vehicle. Upon arrival he located the vehicle in the parking lot of the BU Academy. The dispatcher ran the plate and it came back as a stolen motor vehicle out of Cambridge, MA. The keys were found in the ignition, both tires on the right side were damaged and damage was also observed on the front end and rear end and passenger side doors. Cambridge PD was notified by phone and an administrative message was sent to Cambridge PD. Pat’s Tow arrived and removed the vehicle and brought it to their storage facility for safe keeping.

1:45 AM 3/21/2008 Fri MEDICAL ASSIST / ALCOHOL Judicial Referral

Officer Peter McCarron was dispatched for a report of an intoxicated female in the lobby area. Upon arrival he met with the victim and she was unable to stand on her own and when she was questioned, her speech was slurred. Mercy Ambulance arrived and as they transported the victim to the Beth Israel Hospital for further medical evaluation.

3:35 PM 3/20/2008 Thu LARCENY OVER $250 c266 S30 Open

Sergeant Larry Cuzzi was dispatched for a past larceny of a laptop computer. Upon arrival he met with the victim stated she left her Mac Notebook computer on a desk on the third floor of the Mugar Library. She further stated that it was left unattended for approximately 5 minutes. The victim reports that her laptop computer was valued at $1,400.00. A check of the security video footage revealed nothing.

3:15 AM 3/18/2008 Tue MEDICAL ASSIST / ALCOHOL Closed
277 BABCOCK ST Residential RA OFFICE

Officer Melissa Lombardo received a radio call to respond for an intoxicated female. On arrival, she met with on-call ORL staff along with the intoxicated party in the first floor ORL Office. Mercy Ambulance responded and transported the victim to Boston Medical Center for further evaluation in ambulance P-5.

2:45 AM 3/18/2008 Tue B&E NIGHTTIME FOR FELONY c266 S16 Open
23 BEACON ST Commercial

Officers Anicet Dybantsa and Scott Rocheville responded for a report of a B&E alarm at Campus Convenience. Upon their arrival they observed that the glass in the front door was broken. Officers checked the perimeter and the interior of store looking for suspects with negative result. Officers report that a number a packages of Marlboro cigarettes were missing from the shelf behind the counter. Store videotape indicates that there were two suspects, one of whom may be the same suspect from a previous incident.

11:50 PM 3/17/2008 Mon MEDICAL ASSIST / ALCOHOL Judicial Referral

Officer Scott Rocheville was dispatched to the 5th floor men’s bathroom for an intoxicated party. Upon arrival he met with ORL Staff and the victim. The victim was leaning over and spitting into the sink. The victim stated that he had too much to drink. Mercy Ambulance responded and transported the victim to the BMC.

11:30 PM 3/17/2008 Mon MEDICAL ASSIST / ALCOHOL Closed

Officer Anicet Dybantsa was dispatched for a report of an intoxicated party. Upon arrival he observed the victim was lying on the ground next to the train tracks. He appeared to be intoxicated and had a strong odor of alcoholic beverages coming from his breath, he was unable to speak and he could not stand on his own. Boston EMS A23 arrived at the scene and transported him to Beth Israel Hospital.

5 AM 3/17/2008 Mon THREAT TO COMMIT CRIME c275 S2 Open
648 BEACON ST All Other Locations OFFICE

Officers William Donnellan and Diane Smith were dispatched to the Center for Anxiety to meet with a party in regards to a threatening e-mail she received. Officers spoke with the victim who stated that she received an e-mail from an unknown party requesting money or she would be killed by “Al-Qaeda.” She turned over a copy of the e-mail. The victim stated that she is not in fear but felt the incident should be reported. There are no suspects at this time and the e-mail was entered into evidence.

2:40 AM 3/16/2008 Sun DISORDERLY CONDUCT c272 S53 Closed
8 ST. MARY’S ST Public Property STREET

Officer Matthew Blakeslee observed a male party chasing after and hitting the trunk of the cab as it turned from Commonwealth Avenue onto St. Mary’s Street. The male then chased after the vehicle again hitting the side of the vehicle before Officer Blakeslee approached in his marked unit and the taxi cab continued a short distance before stopping. While Officer Blakeslee spoke to the party, he was approached by the taxi cab driver, who stated that the male party was hitting his cab. Officer Blakeslee had to separate the two individuals who had re-started their altercation. After speaking with both parties as to the nature of their altercation and after determining that no damage or injury had occurred, an NCIC check was conducted with negative results.

11:10 PM 3/14/2008 Fri MOTOR VEH, MALICIOUS DAMAGE TO c266 S28 Arrest

Officer Jack Struble was approached by a female party who reported that a Lexus was pulled over on Brookline Av and two individuals were fighting next to the car. Officer Struble contacted dispatch and proceeded to Brookline Avenue. Upon arrival he observed the valet driver for Hotel Commonwealth signaling for Officer Struble. The valet driver stated that male party later had kicked a hotel guest’s vehicle at the intersection of Brookline Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue. The victim stated that while he was stopped at the red light the suspect stepped off the sidewalk and kicked the front passenger’s door of his vehicle. The victim then stated that he got out of the car and observed the damage and asked the suspect to stop, but he refused and they then got into an altercation and the suspect ran to Lansdowne Street and Brookline Avenue where he was stopped by the valet. Officer Struble observed an approximately six-inch oval shape dent in the front passenger’s door. The suspect was placed under arrest for malicious damage to a motor vehicle, and transported to Boston University Police Headquarters for booking.

3:50 AM 3/14/2008 Fri LARCENY UNDER $250 c266 S30 Closed

Officer Matthew Blakeslee responded to a radio call for several males hitting vehicles with a stick in the area between 700 Commonwealth Avenue and 726 Commonwealth Avenue. Officer Blakeslee sighted and stopped the only individuals on the street at that location. Upon his approach, the three males immediately attempted to hide under their jackets what was later identified as between fifteen and twenty bags of bagels. One individual dropped a stick on the sidewalk. Officer Blakeslee was joined by Officers Brandon Stone, Melissa Lombardo and William Campanella. After questioning as to the origin of the bagels, they admitted that they took them from a box that was in the front doorway of Ferretti’s Sandwich Shop at 700 Commonwealth Avenue. They stated that they thought those items were abandoned. The individuals were checked for wants and warrants with negative results and instructed to return the items. Sergeant Robert Casey investigated the parked vehicles nearby and did not find any damage to them. They were warned and sent on their way.

8 AM 3/7/2008 Fri B&E NIGHTTIME FOR FELONY c266 S16 Open

Sergeant Jeffrey Burke responded for a report of a past larceny. Upon arrival he met with the reporting party, who stated that at 8:20 AM, the Facilities Area Manager reported an overhead projector from room 121 had been stolen. The reporting party further stated that the class room is kept unlocked. The projector had been ripped off the ceiling mount and the cable connections had been cut. There was ceiling tile and other debris on the floor as well as foot prints on two of the desks under the ceiling mount. While in the room they observed that the projector was lying on top of a table at the front of the class room. The room was secured and a detective was contacted to process the crime scene. The reporting party stated that the class room was last used on Friday 3/7/2008 with no report of theft or damage.

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