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A Voice Without a Vote

Yasser El-Shimy (GRS’12): “You can’t let politicians decide your future.”


On his wedding day, just 10 days after immigrating to the United States from Egypt, Yasser El-Shimy (GRS’12) asked his bride-to-be, an American journalist, to drive him to a rally for presidential candidate John Edwards. El-Shimy’s fiancée gritted her teeth, dropped him off at the rally, and sped off to the hairdresser to prepare for their ceremony.

“She hated me at that point,” says El-Shimy, a political science doctoral student. “But she supported me.”

In the video above, El-Shimy explains why, even though he cannot yet vote in American elections, he still feels compelled to get involved and speak out politically on behalf of both his homeland and his adopted country.

“You cannot be apathetic,” he says. “You cannot sit by and let politicians decide your future.”

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One Comment on A Voice Without a Vote

  • Anonymous on 01.24.2008 at 6:25 pm

    Great going!

    Mr. El-Shimy,

    A great video, filled with great sentiments! Thank you especially for campaigning for JOHN EDWARDS, whom I also support, due in part to his clear commitment to helping all the people in the US to have a loud voice in our government. Your desire to work for the good of progressive politicians in both Egypt and the U.S. is highly commendable.

    Thank you, and best wishes.

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