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The Line

Where Terrier town ends and Eagle turf begins

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The bitterest rivalry in New England college sports is the ice hockey battle between the BU Terriers and the Boston College Eagles. Hockey fans at both schools are famous for taking the game as seriously as the players do, and around these parts (Boston, Brighton, Allston), the question of where to watch that game of games is more than academic. To help answer that question, BU Today sent two investigative reporters — one a BC alumnus, the other a BU alumna — into some of the many watering holes that dot the turf between the two Commonwealth Avenue titans. Their mission: locate the exact spot that divides the loyalties to each team. Click on the video above to learn what they discovered.

Alan Wong can be reached at alanwong@bu.edu. Patrick Kennedy can be reached at plk@bu.edu.

"The Line" originally appeared on BU Today on January 22, 2007.