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Closing the Generation Gap

LENS Web site shows multimedia talent

College of Communication students enrolled in a spring semester photo editing class taught by Peter Smith, an assistant professor of photojournalism, finished the course by producing multimedia slide show stories for their Web site, LENS. The classroom became a newsroom as students took on the roles of producer, editor, and Web designer. The class pieced together photo stills and audio and video clips to produce two group projects and six individual presentations, all of which can be accessed from the LENS Web site.

For their second group project, students examined the generation gap between the baby boomers who came of age during the 1960s and ’70s and today’s young adults. To learn more, click on the video above.

Check back tomorrow to watch a slide show by Stacy Welkowitz (COM’08) about one woman’s career as a hospice nurse. To view Monday’s installment about Boston traffic, click here.