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BU, Far Afield: In Geneva, Caring, Internationally

A four-part series about studying abroad

More than 1,500 Boston University students study abroad each year, heading to places like Sydney, Australia, where they work as journalists, Israel, to study engineering, or Ecuador, to research tropical ecology. The opportunities don’t end with the academic year — as soon as Commencement is over in May, summer internships, intensive language programs, and research trips begin in 11 countries around the world.

This week, BU Today looks at four of the University’s study-abroad programs. Check back tomorrow for “Unearthing the Ingenuity of Maya Culture.”

Caring, Internationally: Geneva Program Focuses on Humanitarian Careers

Boston University’s Geneva Internship Program gives students a chance to live in one of Europe’s most international cities and to work in one of many political, economic, or health-related organizations. Located in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, Geneva is home to the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the International Red Cross, and more than 250 other international organizations. The Geneva program is designed for students planning careers in international relations, as well as in public health and other humanitarian endeavors.

Students spend the first six weeks of the program studying in class, then continue their course of study by enrolling in an eight-week internship. The program encourages students to experience life as the Swiss do — they live in a 19th-century house with a large garden and travel on weekends to places such as the Swiss capital of Bern, a ski resort in the Alps, and the French towns of Lyons and Annecy.

This article was originally published on BU Today in March 2007.

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