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Drilling for trouble

Robert Kaufmann talks to WBUR about promises and threats of oil technology


Professors Robert Kaufmann (left) and Cutler Cleveland. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

Excitement reigned on an oil rig off the Gulf of Mexico last month, when the “Jack 2” well began pulling oil from far beneath the ocean floor. This deep-water oilfield, at five miles down, could be one of America’s biggest oil deposits. Deep-water oil drilling technology may open up the oceans to exploration, which delights those interested in oil security and dismays environmentalists.

WBUR, Boston University’s award-winning National Public Radio station, interviewed Robert Kaufmann, director of BU’s Center for Energy and Environmental Studies and a College of Arts and Sciences professor in the department of geography and environment for this On Point, which aired on September 25. Click here to listen to the show.