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COM changed under Schulz

In his three-year tenure as dean of the College of Communication, John Schulz initiated several changes in policy and practice.

* Created a “Kitchen Cabinet” and changed the format for faculty meetings, two actions that increased the number of ideas that turned into actions.

* Recruited to the faculty such industry leaders as Chris Komisarjevski, former international president and CEO of Burson Marsteller; Public Relations Professor Donald Wright; former Columbia Journalism Review editor Robert Manoff; veteran AP reporter and correspondent Fred Bayles; Michael Loman, winner of nine Emmy awards for his work on Sesame Street; and  Peter Morrissey, president of Morrissey and Associates.

* Set up, through the generosity of COM alum Hugo Shong (COM’87, GRS’92), the annual $30,000 Journalism Lifetime Achievement Award and a separate Hugo Shong $15,000 award given annually for the best reporting from East or South Asia.

* Increased the membership on Dean’s Executive Advisory Board from 22 to over 80.

* Funded nine annual student writing prizes of $2,500 each, given at graduation.

* Funded three departmental Teacher of the Year awards of $2,500, plus a $4,500 award for COM Teacher of the Year.

* Raised over $1 million in donations and endowed and other gifts to COM in each of the past three years. In the past fiscal year, donations from parents, alumni, and friends of the college totaled more than $1.6 million.