Director’s Message

We live in an era where data about any conceivable system are easily generated, captured, transmitted to remote locations, and stored. Yet, information based on which intelligent decisions can be made has not become easier to distill; arguably, it has become harder due to the overabundance of data and the challenge to distinguish what is relevant and what is not.

In parallel, much of the infrastructure and the various systems our society relies upon to function are becoming increasingly automated and complex. There is therefore a critical need to understand, predict, and design for safety, efficiency, robustness, and the public good.

With a proven track record of funding and industry collaboration, CISE faculty bring vast research experience to addressing these challenges. Our research in information and systems engineering encompasses a set of methodologies that enable data analytics, effective decision making, and controlling/optimizing the operation of many man-made or natural (e.g., biological) complex systems. We focus on developing new methodologies that advance the state-of-the-art and have impact in a plethora of application areas. These application areas range from communication and sensor networks, robotics, medical imaging, and video surveillance, to modern energy systems, medical informatics, and bioinformatics. Ongoing research projects innovate to bring about “smarter” cities, design smart lighting systems, learn from animals to control autonomous aerial vehicles, combat cyber threats, design next-generation airport screening systems, and elucidate how proteins interact to guide drug-discovery.

I invite you to browse our website and follow up with me or any of the CISE faculty if you have questions about the research and ongoing projects. We are always looking for new collaborators—students, faculty, industry, and/or government professionals who want to be a part of this vital research. You are also welcome to contact the center’s administration with any questions you may have about future seminars or events.

YP fac pic_2639Yannis Paschalidis, PhD
Director, Center for Information & Systems Engineering
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering,
Systems Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering,
College of Engineering