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New Sensors for Smart Lighting

By Caitlin Bird. Photos by Jackie Ricciardi. Imagine sitting in a secluded corner of a college library, working steadily on a last-minute paper. Just as you reach the concluding paragraph, summing up your argument, the lights go out, forcing you to get up and wave your arms around. In an energy-efficient room, the lights may […]

Robotics & AI Event

The Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE) partnered with Greg Woolf, CEO of Coalesce.Info and moderator of The Cognitive Computing Group of Boston, to host a community evening focused on Robotics & AI research at Boston University, on February 28, 2017. The event began with a demonstration of a student-built robot by the Boston […]

ENG to develop smart car technology with new $3.36 million grant

Read the full story by Breanne Kovatch in The Daily Free Press – The Independent Student Newspaper at Boston University. Boston University’s College of Engineering announced Tuesday it received a $3.36 million grant to develop new smart car technology, according to a press release from the university. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the U.S. […]

Congratulations to SE/CISE students at the Toyota Next Generation Mobility Challenge at BU

Toyota sponsored a “Next Generation Mobility Challenge” on February 4, 2017 at Boston University. There were 15 area competitions, nationwide similar to the one held at BU. On the Boston University campus, graduate student contestants competed to solve the challenge: “How might we leverage mobility solutions to better provide equity and access to socially vulnerable […]

CISE Industry Roundtable, John-Nicholas Furst

CISE welcomed John-Nicholas Furst, Hardware Engineer at Akamai Technologies, to the 1st Spring 2017 Industry Roundtable. Furst began his career at Akamai after graduating from Boston University in 2013. At Akamai, Furst created the firmware that runs Akamai’s network switches, responsible for delivering tens of terabits of web-content daily to end users all over the […]

BBC News: Tomorrow’s Cities

BBC News covered how technology is transforming our urban environments.Christos Cassandras is quoted in this BBC Technology post.  

Is Your Computer Sexist?

By Rich Below It may say “boss” is a man’s job, BU and Microsoft researchers discover It had to happen. In an era when the nation’s president-elect has been routinely criticized for his sexist remarks about women, BU researchers, working with Microsoft colleagues, have discovered your computer itself may be sexist. Or rather, they’ve discovered […]

An Internet of Cars

By Sara Cody Drivers who commute in and out of Boston — deemed as one of the worst U.S. cities for traffic — has experienced the misery of rush hour. Now, Professor Christos Cassandras (SE, ECE) is part of a research group aiming to ease commuting, and the resulting air pollution, by developing efficient, smart […]

Thinking about Smart Cities

BU, other experts confer in a Washington forum While proponents of smart cities differ about the details of what exactly makes a smart city smart, they all agree on one thing: life is better in a smart city. It’s safer, greener, less congested, cleaner, and more cost- and energy-efficient. From the streets to municipal services, […]